Multiroom systems

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Multiroom systems

As the name implies, the primary goal of a multi-room system is that you can listen to the same music in different rooms at the same time. The advantage of a Wi-Fi connection is that there are no dropouts, delays or interruptions, as can happen with Bluetooth connections when you move to another room with your cell phone. The music is also streamed directly over the network and not through your phone. This saves your phone battery and the music is not interrupted when you get a call or watch a video on your phone.

But it only becomes multi-room when you combine several speakers of the same system into a seamless network. That way, you'll hear the same music no matter where you go in your home. You can also create different groups of speakers so that, for example, only the living room and dining room get sound at the same time.
Unfortunately, systems from different manufacturers are rarely compatible, as many have their own proprietary standard Sonos, Denon Heos or Bose. However, in addition to their own multi-room standard, you can also connect most speakers to your phone, laptop or other playback devices via Bluetooth, Airplay 2 or Chromecast build-in.

If you need several speakers or want to set up a home theater that is multi-room capable, we have put together sets of the most popular systems.