Best products in the Radios category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Noxon Dynamo Solar 411

30 station presets each for DAB+ and FM
Music streaming Bluetooth reception V5.0
Built-in battery 5000mAh usable as powerbank
Dynamo hand crank & solar panel for charging
SOS alarm, flashing light & torch function
1,8" display
5 Watt RMS mono speaker
Dual alarm, sleep timer
Headphone jack
USB-A for charging external devices in case of emergency
USB-C fast charger to charge the integrated
5000mAh battery
Temperature gauge
IPX5 protection class
Telescopic antenna

Emergency radio won't let you down, always ready thanks to dynamo crank, solar and large integrated battery.

The Noxon Dynamo Solar 411 is your ideal portable companion, listening to the radio in digital quality DAB+, or via FM, as well as receiving music via Bluetooth streaming.
At the same time, it is also a torch, reading light and power bank - and all without an external power supply. Because as a solar radio or crank radio, the Noxon Dynamo Solar 411 is independent of external power sources and is therefore perfect for ensuring radio reception at all times.
The large integrated polymer lithium battery has an operating time of 12 hours at medium volume, and the radio can be conveniently charged via a USB-C connection.

The case is made with dual colour injection technology and carbon fibre finish. For durability, ideal for outdoor activities.

Technical data:
1x 5 watt speaker
USB-C charging socket
0.25 Wp solar panel
SOS alarm, flashing light & torch 120 lumens
Reading light 260 lumen
Hand crank 30 min. cranking for approx. 12h listening to radio, Bluetooth music streaming approx. 1h possible
Power supply: 3.7 V polymer lithium battery 5000 mAh
Operating temperature: from -10 to +55 °C
Dimensions: 175 x 85 x 55 mm (W x H x D)

Scope of delivery:
Dynamo Solar 411 with integrated polymer-lithium battery 5000 mAh, USB-C charging cable (without power supply unit), carrying strap, instructions DE/EN.

Noxon Dynamo Solar 411 (DAB+, VHF, Bluetooth)

Noxon Dynamo Solar 411

DAB+, VHF, Bluetooth


2. Philips TAR5505

Cook yourself an omelette while you play your playlist. Prepare dinner while streaming a podcast. With DAB+, FM and Bluetooth, this portable radio brings your kitchen to life. Plus, the timer function makes sure you get your recipes right. The integrated Bluetooth receiver allows you to easily connect your smartphone, tablet and many other devices wirelessly. So you can enjoy your favourite music without having to worry about annoying cables, while you place the transmitter and receiver flexibly and independently of each other. With Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+), radio reception is just as it should be at any time: varied, simple and available everywhere. Unlike analogue radio, you'll enjoy clear sound, no crackling or hissing, thanks to interference-free reception, and no need to tune to the right frequency thanks to automatic station search. What's more, with DAB+ you enjoy a greater variety of programmes. Switch now to the radio of the future. 

Philips TAR5505 (DAB+, FM, Bluetooth)

Philips TAR5505

DAB+, FM, Bluetooth


3. JBL Tuner 2

JBL Tuner 2 is a compact portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful sound and crystal clear DAB digital radio. Its compact design and rechargeable battery gives you up to eight hours of playback time so you can enjoy your favourite songs and radio stations wherever you are. If you can't receive digital stations, you can easily switch to FM radio. It also features a clear, backlit LCD scrolling display and five direct preset buttons for DAB/FM radio, so you can keep your favourite stations at your fingertips. This makes it the ultimate musical companion on the road. New waterproof and IPX7 certified. 

JBL Tuner 2 (DAB+, FM, Bluetooth)

JBL Tuner 2

DAB+, FM, Bluetooth


4. Philips AZB798T/12

Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smartphone. Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that is both reliable and energy efficient. This technology makes it easy to connect wirelessly to iPods/iPhones/iPads or other Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets or even laptops. So you can enjoy your favorite music, video or game audio wirelessly on this speaker. With USB Direct mode, simply connect your USB device to the USB port of your Philips device and play your digital music directly through your Philips device. The bass reflex speaker system provides deep bass for compact speaker systems. The difference to conventional loudspeaker systems is the low bass tube, which is acoustically tuned to the woofer to optimize the low frequency roll off of the system. The result is deeper controlled basses and less distortion. The principle is that the air mass in the low bass tube resonates and vibrates like a conventional woofer. In combination with the reaction of the woofer, the system expands all low frequency sounds and produces deep bass in a completely new dimension. 

Philips AZB798T/12 (FM, DAB+, Bluetooth)

Philips AZB798T/12

FM, DAB+, Bluetooth


5. Philips TAPR802/12

Music. Word contributions. Real crimes. This Internet radio gives you access to thousands of stations worldwide that broadcast every kind of program. The digital radio tuner offers crystal-clear reception and you can store up to 20 favorite Internet, DAB+, or FM stations. The matt black wooden cabinet surrounds the large, high-gloss colour display and a speaker grille made of black metal. The display shows album art and track information from Spotify Connect, as well as station logos when using Internet radio or DAB. A 3-inch full-range speaker gives you clear sound. A bass-reflex port reproduces the deep tones for a rounded, powerful bass response. The range is 10 metres. Streaming from Spotify? This Bluetooth Internet radio features Spotify Connect. Use your mobile phone as a remote control while the radio streams the Spotify signal directly from the Spotify servers in superior quality. You can also stream music from other music services through your mobile device. The sleep timer lets you fall asleep gently while your favorite radio station is playing in the background. With the double alarm function you can set two different alarms. Perfect if you occasionally miss the first alarm. Or when your partner has to get up before you. 

Philips TAPR802/12 (web radio, DAB+, Bluetooth)

Philips TAPR802/12

web radio, DAB+, Bluetooth


6. TechniSat TechniRadio 3

The TechniRadio 3 comes in an unagitated, modern block housing. With this compact device, you can listen to all the radio programmes available in your broadcasting area, either digitally via DAB+ or classic FM. With favourite stations for ten stations each. The LC display with backlighting shows important information on the current programme. Operation is very easy via eight function keys on the front. Here you can also operate the clock, alarm and alarm functions. The TechniRadio 3 can be powered by a mains plug or optionally available batteries for stationary or mobile use.DAB+ digital radio in perfect sound qualityDAB+ digital radio is noise-free radio with extremely robust reception. In contrast to the regionally limited FM program offer, DAB+ offers many radio programs broadcast nationwide in good digital quality. In addition, there are numerous regionally broadcast stations. listen to classic radioReceive classic FM radio stations in your reception area. Via RDS (Radio Data System) you can also receive extended programme information and alternative additional frequencies for the FM radio station you are listening to. 

TechniSat TechniRadio 3 (FM, DAB+)

TechniSat TechniRadio 3



7. Philips TAR5005

Dancing in the morning or listening to music in the evening - this radio fits perfectly on small tables, narrow work surfaces or bookcases. The DAB+ tuner offers crystal-clear reception and you can set up to 20 presets for your favourite stations.

A light wooden cabinet surrounds the speaker, which is covered with grey fabric. The glossy black display shows the station information and the time. At
the top of the radio are buttons for station tuning, station selection and more.

Set the gentle alarm function and your guests will be woken up to a slowly increasing tone. With the dual alarm function two different alarms can be set. The perfect function if your guests miss the first alarm.

Philips TAR5005 (FM, DAB+)

Philips TAR5005



8. TechniSat DAB+ Radio DigitRadio 370 CD BT

Radio tuner: DAB+; FM, power supply: Mains operation, colour: black, features: alarm function; sleep timer; CD; Bluetooth; colour display; station memory; remote control; 3.5 mm jack; headphone jack, type: table radio.

TechniSat DAB+ Radio DigitRadio 370 CD BT (FM, DAB+, Bluetooth)

TechniSat DAB+ Radio DigitRadio 370 CD BT

FM, DAB+, Bluetooth


9. Roberts Revival Petite

Our latest addition to the iconic revival range. This product is the smallest of all our revival radios, perfect for gifting to your loved ones. With DAB+, FM, Bluetooth and an internal rechargeable battery you have the flexibility to listen to what you want, where you want. The compact size allows you to take your Revival Petite anywhere.

Roberts Revival Petite (DAB+, FM, Bluetooth)

Roberts Revival Petite

DAB+, FM, Bluetooth


10. Sony XDR-S61D

With this portable DAB digital radio, you can listen to all your favorite stations anywhere. Assign direct access keys to access stored stations directly to find them in a snap and set your radio to fall asleep and wake up with you using the dual alarm. DAB/DAB+ (Digitial Audio Broadcast) radio reception for optimized sound enjoyment. Maximum mobility thanks to battery operation. Quick & direct selection of stored stations via key (5 DAB & 5 FM stations can be stored). Use as external speakers, thanks to audio in input
RDS function for FM use. Five-line display for maximum readout. Alarm clock and auto power off: Set your radio to turn off according to your schedule or to turn on the alarm clock.

Sony XDR-S61D (FM, DAB+)

Sony XDR-S61D