Stereo amplifiers

A stereo receiver or stereo amplifier is an integrated amplifier. It receives digital or analog audio signals from external players and amplifies them to drive speakers connected to it.

An integrated amplifier, as stereo receivers are, is a device that contains a preamplifier and a power amplifier. However, these can also be purchased separately and freely combined. Preamplifiers receive the audio signal and process it in such a way that it can be processed by a power amplifier. The processing takes place, for example, in the level or frequency response. Power amplifiers, on the other hand, amplify the signal and pass it on to the speakers.

Unlike the AV receiver, which is intended for home theater, the stereo receiver has only two channels for stereo sound. These devices are thus fully designed for music listening. They often have several interfaces and can play music via Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify or WLAN. Often, a tuner is also installed, which enables the reception of radio programs. Network receivers have an Ethernet interface or Wi-Fi access and can stream content from the Internet.