Document scanners are used to quickly capture large quantities of documents in the shortest possible time. They are used in the paperless office, in banks and insurance companies as well as in libraries to archive documents as space-savingly and efficiently as possible. The capturing process is called scanning.

Many models today are capable of duplex scanning, using two CCD sensor bars to capture the front and back sides simultaneously in one scan. Some models are designed as a combination of swipe and flatbed scanner to be able to scan bound documents without destroying them. Scan quality depends on the resolution selected or available. The optical resolution of document scanners is usually 600-1200 ppi, but 4800-6400 ppi are now also possible. By means of the text recognition software (OCR) function, texts can be extracted for further processing.

In our range you will also find film/slide scanners to digitise your old photos on film. The slide scanners are equipped with a CMOS sensor that resolves the negative images and can thus scan them. Particularly popular are the devices that have an integrated display, where the scanned images can be directly displayed in a preview.