Cables + Plugs

In the realm of electronic components, cables and plugs are the fundamental connectors that breathe life into various devices and systems. Customers exploring our cables and plugs category will find a comprehensive selection that spans from practical wire end ferrules to versatile jumper cables and solid-core wire sets. Whether you are an electronics hobbyist working on your latest project or a professional in need of reliable connectors for a complex system, you'll discover an array of options tailored to meet every electrical connection need.

Important properties to consider when selecting cables and plugs include the type of connector end, material composition, length, gauge, and compatibility with specific devices or standards. For filtering and finding the appropriate product, customers should first determine the purpose of the cable or plug. Understanding the electrical requirements of your project is essential for selecting the right gauge and material to ensure optimal conductivity and safety. Length is another crucial factor—having an excess of cable can be just as problematic as falling short, so precise measurements are recommended before making a purchase.

The selection of brands we offer includes industry leaders like Quadrios, renowned for their comprehensive Wire End Ferrules Assortment – a 1200 piece set with an automatic crimping tool, perfect for professionals looking to streamline their electrical terminations. Vogt Verbindungstechnik shines with its Wire End Ferrule Assortment, providing a variety of 0.50m ferrules for clean and secure wire connections. For those in need of flexible and easy-to-use connector cables, Purecrea offers the Jumper Cable Dupont Set, with 60 pieces of 10cm cables, ideal for breadboarding and prototyping. Velleman caters to wiring projects big and small with a Cable Set featuring 10 different colours and 60 meters of solid-core wire. Lastly, ProPlus brings to the table the practical LED lighting adapter which allows for seamless connectivity, emphasizing compatibility between various lighting systems with a 13-pin to 13-pin configuration.

As you explore our inventory, use these properties to guide your search, ensuring that the end result is nothing less than the perfect match for your electrical project needs. Whether you're assembling, repairing, or upgrading, our selection is poised to provide the essential connectors that will energize your endeavors.