Win four tickets to Winterthur’s Lazerfun arena
Win four tickets to Winterthur’s Lazerfun arena

Win four tickets to Winterthur’s Lazerfun arena

Marisa Monteiro Antunes
Zurich, on 29.11.2021
Translation: Eva Francis

Fun, games and excitement: the Lazerfun arena in Winterthur is one of Switzerland’s most modern and largest laser tag venues. Fancy experiencing the fusion of live action and computer game? This is your chance to win one of four laser tag vouchers worth 30 francs each.

Equipped with an electronic phaser (light gun) and a sensor vest, you move through a foggy, maze-like play park. The futuristic facility offers you numerous possibilities to hide. The goal is to score points by hitting light-sensitive sensors with your phaser. These sensors are attached to the so-called base station of the opposing team and to the players' vest. If these sensors are activated by your light beam, you score points. But if you're hit by someone else’s light beam, your shield is reduced and you lose energy points. If your energy supply runs out, you have to recharge it at one of the energy gate targets or the base station. And that takes time... valuable time.


Within the game time, each team collects as many points as possible. The winning team is the one with the most points. The points are recorded by a computer and all players get a printed evaluation of their performance at the end of the game.

Give it a go and experience the state-of-the-art laser tag system with a range of game modes!


Do I need special clothes to play Lazerfun?

The competition has ended.

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Marisa Monteiro Antunes
Marisa Monteiro Antunes

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