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Where great design meets great functionality – the new Peak Activity Tracker by Basis

A must-have to boost your fitness, motivation and connectivity!

Basis, part of the Intel Corporation, has launched its first Activity Tracker called Peak. It offers an around-the-clock overview of your activities, fitness and sleep, 24/7 heartrate monitoring, message display and much more. The tracker automatically detects if you are walking, running, cycling or sleeping – minus the inconvenient pushing of buttons. Its slim design means you’ll look good during your workouts as well as at work.

Peak (L, White)
Basis Peak (L, White)
Fitness, motivation and connectivity.

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Theresa Karolina Schieder

I’m not a great cook, struggle with home decorating and am incapable of properly assembling IKEA furniture. So at Galaxus, I’m a marketing manager in charge of sports. And sports is also what I love doing best in my spare time: cycling, tennis, skiing, swimming or working out at the gym. I’m also passionate about football and a big Bayern Munich supporter.

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