What the hell is that? Part 49
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What the hell is that? Part 49

Raphael Knecht
Zurich, on 06.04.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
Our range is growing constantly. However, some products will have you guessing what it is that you’re looking at. Today's example: a silver teardrop.

It’s made of the second best metal after gold and it’s shaped like a teardrop – what the hell is that supposed to be? My though exactly. Of course, it’s more than a silver teardrop. Could be the classiest and most expensive hockey stick in the world? Nope. It’s far too small to perform a decent slapshot. Dirty minds might see the perfect G-spot vibrator ¬– I’m afraid you’re wrong. This might look like something from «Fifty Shades of Grey», but it has a completely different purpose. Paco – that’s the name of this silver surfer – doesn’t open legs, it opens letters.

Philippi Paco

From climbing ropes to red wine to hammer drills – we’ve got just about everything. In line with this, we’ve been browsing our range for unusual products that prompt a: What the hell is that? Find something in our range that's downright weird? Let us know: redaktion@digitec.ch

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Raphael Knecht
Raphael Knecht

Senior Editor, Zurich

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