Wet pick-up as an affordable extra: Electrolux with a clever idea
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Wet pick-up as an affordable extra: Electrolux with a clever idea

Lorenz Keller
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With the mop nozzle and the PowerPro Cleaning Station, the Electrolux cordless vacuum cleaners can also pick up when wet. Technically, this is an intelligent solution - but is it also convincing in everyday use?

That can't work. After unpacking, I'm at a loss. The PowerPro Cleaning Station from Electrolux has no power cable, no battery and just a strange water wheel in the centre. Should I use it for wet cleaning?

I read the instructions - and then I realise how the whole thing is set up. I need three things to be able to wet pick up. The cleaning station mentioned above, an Electrolux 700 or 800 series cordless vacuum cleaner and the right attachment for wet vacuuming.

Depending on the hoover variant, the mop is already included - otherwise there is a variant for the 700 series and one for the 800 series. The attachment is not included with the PowerPro Cleaning Station, you have to buy it separately. The PowerPro Cleaning Station is not much more than an expensive deluxe cleaning bucket, but it is cleverly designed.

This is how cleverly the Cleaning Station works even without electricity

The mop nozzle is equipped with two round textile pads that you can easily remove and wash thanks to the Velcro fastener. Exemplary: a spare pair is included in the scope of delivery.

I attach the nozzle itself to the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't vacuum, but supplies power to the attachment and makes the two round mops spin. You can't regulate the speed, just switch it on and off.

Die Mopp-Düse mit den zwei Ersatz-Pads, hinten die Cleaning Station.
Die Mopp-Düse mit den zwei Ersatz-Pads, hinten die Cleaning Station.
Source: Lorenz Keller

The optional Cleaning Station helps me to keep the pads on the mop clean. I fill it with water, which can be up to 60 degrees. Then I place the mop on top, press down gently and start the vacuum cleaner. The rotating pads now drive a water wheel that pumps fresh water with optional cleaning agent upwards and moistens the two pads. After a few seconds, I reduce the pressure and the water supply stops. The pads continue to spin in the air, shaking off excess water like a salad spinner.

Now I can pick up the soil with a damp cloth. The dirtier the floor, the sooner I have to go to the cleaning station. And do the same as described above. The dirty water automatically drains off to the side into a separate area.

Really cleverly done: the circular movement of the mop serves as the drive. Thanks to the clever design, the dirty water runs outwards and fresh water flows inwards. This means that the pads only ever come into contact with clean water.

The idea is better than the cleaning result

For the test, I used the Electrolux PowerPro Cleaning Station in everyday life. I also spread four particularly stubborn stains on the floor: dried tomato sauce, soya sauce, honey and cornflakes with milk. You can see how the cleaning of these substances worked in the video.

What is clear: The mop is only suitable for water-soluble dirt. It simply wipes away solid particles such as cornflakes. It took a very long time for the dried tomato sauce to come off. Also because I had to keep cleaning and moistening the pads on the station. That takes time.

Cleaning with liquids such as soya sauce or honey worked well. But here, too, the pads need to be cleaned after every ten to twenty seconds, otherwise I simply smear the dirt on the floor. At least I manage to remove the dirt without leaving any residue.

Bei Cornflakes hat der Electrolux keine Chance, auch wenn sie gut durchgeweicht sind.
Bei Cornflakes hat der Electrolux keine Chance, auch wenn sie gut durchgeweicht sind.
Source: Lorenz Keller

You can imagine the process as if you were picking up the floor by hand with a mop. You have to clean and wring it out again and again. With the Electrolux, cleaning is a little less strenuous, and the Cleaning Station also separates the dirty water cleanly.

Cheaper, but not as effective as the Dyson

I have already carried out the same test with the Dyson Submarine. Overall, it picked up moisture more thoroughly and also brushed hard particles into the dirt tank.

  • Product test

    The imperfect replacement mop : the Dyson Submarine

    by Lorenz Keller

The handling of the Dyson is easier during cleaning, as you don't have to keep interrupting and cleaning the mop at a station. With the Submarine, the system does this fully automatically during cleaning. The Electrolux is easier to start up and less complicated to clean again.

The accessory system also has advantages in terms of price. You pay 250 to 400 francs for the hoover. Add to that 150 to 180 francs for the Cleaning Station and the mop nozzle, totalling a maximum of 580 francs. With Dyson, the wet vacuum cleaner costs 900 francs.

The mop nozzle with the two replacement pads, with the Cleaning Station at the back.
The mop nozzle with the two replacement pads, with the Cleaning Station at the back.
Source: Lorenz Keller

Conclusion: A clever, but not perfect solution

Technically speaking, Electrolux has found an ingenious solution to wet vacuuming. The cordless vacuum cleaners can be converted with simple means. This works for two of the manufacturer's most popular model series. The price is fair overall, even if you only pay 250 francs for the vacuum cleaner in the cheapest variants, but then another 150 francs for the accessories. The ratio is not quite right here.

The PowerPro Cleaning Station is suitable for everyday wet cleaning. However, you should vacuum well beforehand. The mop is then only responsible for the finishing touches. Overall, this is more convenient than using an "analogue" mop, but the time saving is not great. In the case of heavy soiling, you are even faster with a rag because you can scrub harder and faster. But the Electrolux also works here if you clean the pads on the station often enough.

Would you buy a special system for wet cleaning? And if you already have one: What are your experiences with it? Let me and the Community know in the comments

Cover photo: Lorenz Keller

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