We're kicking off the «Sessions» with «Age of Empires 2», «Valorant», «Farming Simulator 19» and more
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We're kicking off the «Sessions» with «Age of Empires 2», «Valorant», «Farming Simulator 19» and more

Philipp Rüegg
Zurich, on 09.04.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
For all those who didn't vote for «Rocket League» to be the game at the upcoming digitec Playground, we’re launching the «Sessions». In the first of these mini tournaments, we’re playing strategy classic «Age of Empires 2». Read on to find out everything you need to know about the «Sessions».

We asked you to vote for the next game for our digitec Playground and it was a close race. In addition to the winner «Rocket League», the Community showed particular interest in «Age of Empires 2», «Farming Simulator 19» and «Valorant». To offer everyone a treat and make use of our Discord channel, we're to host around ten mini tournaments per year. The main way to communicate and organise these «Sessions», as we call them, is our digitec Discord channel. We're kicking off this new event with «Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition» on 1 May.

What are Sessions?

Sessions are mini tournaments in which we play those games that didn't make the digitec Playground or aren't suitable for it. That could even be a title like «World of Warcraft». We'd just have to come up with a suitable challenge or raid «Tomb of Sargeras» together. These Sessions are all about having fun rather than being competitive. Nevertheless, we'll always be giving away a small prize.

When and where will the Sessions take place?

We’re organising the Sessions via digitec Discord. That’s where you’ll find all information about registration, the game and have the chance to ask questions about the process or suggest new games. We’re planning to host about ten sessions per year, which means about one per month.

Which games are we playing?

The first three games are «Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition», «Farming Simulator 19» and «Valorant». They took second to fourth place in the vote for the game for the next digitec Playground. What will follow after these three? It's up to you to decide. Suggestions are always welcome, in the comment section here or via Discord. The first session will take place on 1 May with «Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition», followed by «Valorant» on 26 June and «Farming Simulator 19» on 10 July.

How can I take part?

Anyone who meets the recommended minimum age for the respective game or can show parental permission can participate. You'll find the link to the registration page below.

Can I watch?

Usually, myself and/or Simon will stream our game on Twitch, YouTube as well as Discord. In theory, everyone can share their game via Discord and allow others to watch.

What are the prizes for winners?

We’re awarding digitec vouchers to the top three gamers.

1st place CHF 200.– digitec voucher
2nd place CHF 150.– digitec voucher
3rd place CHF 100.– digitec voucher

How to register

«Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition» is played in 1v1. Only the Steam version is supported.

Which game is next?

Have suggestions for games, maybe even with ideas for game modes? Let us know in the comment section.

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Philipp Rüegg
Philipp Rüegg
Senior Editor, Zurich
Being the game and gadget geek that I am, working at digitec and Galaxus makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop – but it does take its toll on my wallet. I enjoy tinkering with my PC in Tim Taylor fashion and talking about games on my podcast . To satisfy my need for speed, I get on my full suspension mountain bike and set out to find some nice trails. My thirst for culture is quenched by deep conversations over a couple of cold ones at the mostly frustrating games of FC Winterthur.

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