Trailer Tuesday: Godzilla, Men in Black and Gemini Man
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Trailer Tuesday: Godzilla, Men in Black and Gemini Man

Luca Fontana
Zurich, on 30.04.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
It’s Trailer Tuesday. Time to look back on the best trailers of last week. This time: Godzilla’s back, Men in Black UK Edition and young Will Smith.

Godzilla – the King of Monsters – is back, taking the fight to Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah, among others. The fourth instalment in the «Men in Black» series is heading to Great Britain, while the German Horror series «Dark» is getting renewed for a second season. And for some levity, «Stuber» offers up some wacky Uber drivers and no-nonsense cops. The star of the show: Will Smith is on the hunt for himself, all directed by «Life of Pi»-visionary Ang Lee.
## Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Bombast, Bombast, Bombast. Godzilla is returning to the Monsterverse for a second time, the same cinematic universe that serves as the setting for 2017’s King Kong remake. However, the new trailer doesn’t point towards a clash of the titans quite yet: first Godzilla must face the three-headed Ghidorah to claim domination over all monsters.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 30/5/2019

Men in Black: International

Men in Black without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones but with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson? Hmm. At least «Thor: Ragnarok» proved that there’s definitely chemistry between these two. Will part four be able to hold a candle to the 1997 classic? Hardly. But: both sequels didn’t come close either. The chances of at least a moderate success with this new cast, including Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson, are quite good.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 13/6/2019

Dark: Season 2

«Dark» is the first German series made by Netflix to be written, produced and filmed entirely in Germany. That was 2017. Thanks to its popularity, season 2 is coming. The dystopian mystery saga is diving even deeper into the realm of fantasy with season 2.

Start date: 21/6/2019


Deadpool’s taxi driver: the movie. Or something like that. Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) is an Uber driver with a desperate need for positive customer reviews. His next guest turns out to be a bad-ass cop (Dave Bautista) on the hunt for a ruthless killer. Let the buddy-comedy commence.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 11/7/2019

Gemini Man

Lead actor: Will Smith. Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer. Director: Ang Lee. There’s nothing more you need to know: you have to watch this movie. What’s it about? Smith’s character is tasked to hunt an older version of himself. A highlight: Will Smith was digitally made to look like the 90’s version of himself.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 3/10/2019

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