Trailer Tuesday: Ghostbusters, Doctor Sleep & Frozen 2
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Trailer Tuesday: Ghostbusters, Doctor Sleep & Frozen 2

Luca Fontana
Zurich, on 18.06.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
UHD-HDR quality ghost hunters, «Doctor Sleep» is bringing back «The Shining» and Disney is trying to adapt their ice princess smash hit to an adult crowd.

I wasn't holding my breath for it, but I still want it: «Ghostbusters» in UHD and HDR. Then we've got a new short trailer for the second season of «Dark», the German surprise hit on Netflix. The third «Escape Plan» is playing fast and loose with blood, Stanley Kubrick's «The Shining» is getting a sequel based on the 2013 follow-up novel of the same name, and «Frozen 2» doesn't seem to continue where «Frozen» left off.

Ghostbusters 1 & 2: 35th Anniversary Edition

Not a new movie, but still worth mentioning: yes, the exhausting to pronounce 35th Anniversary UHD Remastered Edition of the first two «Ghostbusters» movies is out. Yeah, it's quite pricey. Yeah, I'm gonna buy it and won't look back, because Ghostbusters. Unless you know of a better alternative.

Availability: Here, for example.

Dark, season two

In case you haven't seen the first season: do it. The German Netflix mystery series is some of the best content on Netflix. I won't reveal much about the plot. Hard to do that without spoiling it. After all, the series survives on its mystery box principle, leaving you in the dark for a large portion of the events. So: you've got about three days till the second season arrives. Use them.

Start date: 21/6/2019, Netflix

Escape Plan: The Extractors

Escape Plan 3, this time it's personal. I've already written about this one. Part two must have completely slipped under my radar, as this none is not what it seems: although Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista are prominently represented on the poster and ads, they hardly appear in the film. In part three, however, they're actually on screen pretty often. You'd hope so. Some genius comes up with the great idea of kidnapping Stallone's girlfriend. Meanwhile, I'm kidnapping some popcorn from my pantry.

Blu-ray release: 2/7/2019

Doctor Sleep

Does the world need a «The Shining» sequel? After watching the trailer: Hello, of course! In it we see the adult Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor), who still has the power to shine – a psychic gift – but is probably severely traumatized. Somehow he finds his way back to the hotel where his father (Jack Nicholson) once raged. The iconic shot of the smashed bathroom door is re-enacted. Goosebumps. Cut to black. The famous «The Shining» soundtrack slowly begins. Ooh my.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 21/11/2019

Frozen 2

No one's too old for Disney. And that's a fact. Of course I watched «Frozen» in 2013. It was alright. Especially the snowman, Olaf. What a riot. But I never really understood all the hype around this chilly flick. Still, I similarly don't get why Disney waited six whole years for a sequel. And I'm ashamed to say it, but this new and more mature tone coming out of the «Frozen 2» trailer is something I could definitely get excited for. In addition, the trailer remains vague enough to make you want more without betraying too much. Oh, Disney. Why do you do this to me? Again.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 21/11/2019

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On n'est jamais trop vieux pour Disney. Pas vrai?

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