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Trailer Tuesday: Burn, Jumanji, Charlie's Angels and Nekrotronic

According to Sony, the world needs more franchises. However, many other moviemakers don't share this viewpoint. «Burn», «8» and «Nektronic» prove that one-off movies still have a safe place in today's cinema landscape. Even if none of these movies ever reach our proud shores.

The big summer blockbusters are slowly trickling into Swiss cinemas. Still, this doesn't mean that autumn will be a boring time for the silver screen. This Trailer Tuesday, Sony Pictures wants to build franchises or cinematic universes with Jumanji and Charlie's Angels, an employee at a gas station releases her inner demon in «Burn» and there's a farm ravaged by evil forces in «8». Meanwhile, «Jacob's Ladder» is being remade. And there's more demons, of course. This time, however, they're using the internet and laser weapons.

Jumanji: The Next Level

No one asked for it, but the 2017 reboot was surprisingly entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, that Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black have returned once again to inhabit these virtual characters. Danny De Vito and Danny Glover are joining them.

The trailer does look as boring as its predecessor's. But hey, we got a great movie for a rainy evening out of it last time, so I won't judge. There's always hope.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 12/12/2019

Charlie's Angels

Speaking of reboots, Charlie's Angels. First came the 70s classic, then a series starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. Now we have a vanity and passion project by Elizabeth Banks. The actress doesn't only play the role of Bosley in this latest incarnation, but has also taken over directing and writing the script. And here are the angels: Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Jane.

Sony Pictures obviously wants to establish franchises. «Jumanji: The Next Level» is turning Jumanji into one and «Charlie's Angels» feels like a clone of «The Fast and the Furious», if the trailer accurately conveys the look and feel of the movie. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, as long as the stunts are good and the jokes pack a punch.

Release date in Swiss cinemas: 28/11/2019


Rarely does a trailer manage to build true tension and atmosphere. The trailer for «Burn» tells the story of Melinda (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) who works at a petrol station – yes, an actual trailer that doesn't just show selected excerpts. Her job isn't particularly glamorous, but it pays the bills. During a robbery, however, this quiet girl who struggles socially turns into something completely different.

«I burn myself all the time. It's not really a bad thing.»

Release date in US cinemas: 23. August 2019


And how often have we seen THIS? A group of teenagers in a lonely hut with a monster. However, the ungoogleable movie «8» is treading new ground: in South Africa, a white family takes in a black tramp with a hoarse voice. Since the family hasn't seen any horror movie, they don't know what this obviously entails.

Granted, the trailer doesn't show much of the movie, let alone the threat, but it delivers interesting sound design and looks visually refreshing. This may be due to the fact that South African director Harold Holscher and the entire cast are almost unknown.

Release date: unknown

Jacob's Ladder

Love, war, sibling rivalries and a deceased brother (Jesse Williams) who reappears a year after his apparent death. This is the situation in which former army paramedic Jacob (Michael Ealy) finds himself. He also suffers from visions with demons and other unspeakable things. Is he losing his mind?

«Jacob's Ladder» isn't a new movie. In 1990, the material had already been shown in cinemas and the current version – which according to star Jesse Williams is «a complete reinterpretation» – has spent the past two or three years on studio shelves. But even if Hollywood doesn't have much confidence in «Jacob's Ladder», the effect of the story on popular culture should not be underestimated. The original not only influenced an episode of the Simpsons, but also the style and feel of the video game series «Silent Hill».

Release date in US cinemas: 23. August 2019


Demons obsessed with the internet and people with laser cannons out to stop them. Combined with sarcastic humour, rock music and a loser in the leading role who discovers that he's actually a necromancer. A movie like that can't be bad. I admit, it uses all the clichés you know from movies such as «Evil Dead» or «John Dies at the End» (read the book, it's better), but the combination of practical effects, neon colours and Monica Bellucci makes you want more.

Release date in UK cinemas: 23. August 2019

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Kristen Stewart = Eine der überbewertesten Schauspielerinnen überhaupt mit NULL Ausstrahlung... :-O
Wer die noch bucht... :-S

User ExcaliburCH

Ich nenne sie immer gerne Miss Expressionless \(ovo)/


:-) wobei das ja nicht einmal das schlimmste wäre. Hier gibt es auch andere beispiele wie zb keanu reeves. ABER, bei ihm wirkt dieses verhalten eher sympatisch und macht ihn authentisch. Ich denke auch, deshalb hat er eine so riesige fangemeinde rund um den globus. Bei kristen wirkt es jedoch einfach nur lustlos und unsympatisch.

User claude1974

Dass Sie dich nervt ist aber eher ein positiver zeichen. über einem strahlungslosen Schauspieler hättest du, hier, gar nicht geschrieben. In Into the wild und Twillight (1) finde ich Sie (mit millionen von anderen) ganz gut. So ist deine extreme Meinung wenigstens fraglich, Was steckt wohl dahinter.



Wenn du dich persönlich angegriffen fühlst, nicht böse sein.
1. Ein "positiver Zeichen" ? Naja, eher nicht nein...
2. Zum guten Glück weisst du, über wen ich schreiben möchte und über wen nicht...
3. Mag sein, dass die ihre Fangemeinde hat, dass man als Celeb z.T. keine Skills benötigt, sieht man ja auch an anderen Beispielen...
FAKT ist und bleibt jedoch, sie ist per se keine gute Schauspielerin...
Kannst hierfür auch gerne mal ein bisschen nachforschen.
Wenn's dir Spass macht, ihr zuzuschauen, go for it! Für mich gibt's definitiv spannenderes! xD
Und "fraglich" sehe ich an meiner Meinung eigentlich nichts, ist halt so und stehe damit definitiv nicht alleine da... :-)

User iBuyStuff

Anyone know how to delete a Digitec account? ive been looking everywhere...