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These are the most popular apps in 2022 - with a big up-and-comer

Martin Jungfer

2022 is almost over. And Apple already has the app charts. The Swiss messenger app Threema defends the top spot, as does the Covid certificate app.

When Apple publishes the charts for Switzerland, they are lists of apps, but they do not include download figures. The company does not reveal them. Only the order is passed on to the media. And this is based on the number of downloads in one year.

Free apps: Be Real enters 3rd place

Among the free apps, the Covid certificate app dominates in 2022, as it did in 2021. So there were obviously still enough people in 2022 who had not already got the app on their iPhone. Google Maps jumped to second place (previous year: fifth place). Here, as with the SBB Mobile app (new in the top 10), the population's increasing mobility is evident.

The star in the iPhone category was Google Maps.

The star in the top 10 is the social media app Be Real, which lands in third place. The principle behind Be Real is simple and perhaps that is why it is so successful: as a user, you are called upon once a day at a changing time to take two photos within the next two minutes, one with the main camera and one with the selfie camera. These snapshots are not to be edited, but uploaded directly. This is to make everything as "real" as possible.

Next to the social media rising star Be Real, the fame of the established ones is fading. Whatsapp has slipped down three places, Instagram has even slipped down six places and is now only in 10th place, while Tiktok jumps from 6th to 4th. .

The top 10 free apps

  1. Covid Certificate (unchanged)
  2. Google Maps (+3)
  3. Be Real (new)
  4. Tiktok (+2)
  5. WhatsApp (-3)
  6. Google (new)
  7. Microsoft Teams (+1)
  8. SBB Mobile (new)
  9. Telegram (unchanged)
  10. Instagram (-6)

Payment apps: three driving school apps in top 10

The rising stars among the top ten most downloaded apps in 2022 are offers for young parents. The Wonder Weeks offers help for stressed new parents who want to know why their newborn is crying, for example. The app climbed from 9th place last year to 5th place. Baby Monitor 3G also went up. The app is now in 7th place.

The biggest loser in the top 10 is Forrest Focus. The app helps people to organise themselves well, for example through focus phases at work. The app Touch Retouch, with which you can easily remove objects in photos, for example, fell out of the top 10 altogether.

But a new app, Touch Retouch, fell out of the top 10 altogether.

But a second driving school app made it into the top 10. In addition to iTheorie, which took second place as in the previous year, iTheorie Mofa is now in 8th place .

The top 10 payment apps

  1. Threema (unchanged)
  2. iTheory Car Theory Switzerland (unchanged)
  3. Pro (unchanged)
  4. Peakfinder (unchanged)
  5. The Wonder Weeks (+4)
  6. Car Theory Driving Instructor 24 (+1)
  7. Baby Monitor 3G (+3)
  8. iTheorie Mofa Theory Switzerland (new)
  9. Weather Pro (-3)
  10. Forest: Focus for Productivity (-5)

Which apps are a surprise to you? What tips outside the download mainstream do you have for the community? Let us know in a reader comment .

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