The new iMac is 24 inches large, very colourful and features the M1 chip
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The new iMac is 24 inches large, very colourful and features the M1 chip

Jan Johannsen
Jan Johannsen
Hamburg, on 20.04.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
The iMac is back. It’s as colourful as in the first generation, but features Apple's new M1 chipset, which also powers the MacBook.

The new iMac doesn’t only look stunning, it’s also very powerful. This is ensured by the M1 chipset, which Apple developed itself. The new MacBooks that were released in 2020 featured the same chip, so we know how powerful it is.

Ist das *neue Macbook Pro M1** wirklich schnell genug für professionelles Arbeiten?

Ist das neue Macbook Pro M1 wirklich schnell genug für professionelles Arbeiten?

Seven colours

The new iMac is very thin. It almost looks like a large iPad on a stand and no longer like an all-in-one PC. But don't worry, it still features macOS. With its seven colours, it’s as colourful as the first iMac G3 from 1998.

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The 24-inch 4.5k Retina screen boasts a resolution of 4480×2520 pixels and a True Tone display. The iPad and iPhone also feature this technology. It automatically adjusts the screen colours and brightness to the surroundings. The edges around the display are so narrow that the new iMac is said to be only slightly larger than the last 21.5-inch iMac.

Compared to the 21.5-inch iMac, however, the M1 chipset is said to offer up to 85 per cent more CPU power and double the graphics performance while only requiring two small and quiet fans.

Above the display, there's a 1080p webcam, which allows you to make video calls with a Full HD resolution and is also supposed to have a good image thanks to a large sensor. A total of six speakers are located in the bar below the display, supporting spatial audio for a 3D sound effect in videos.

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There are up to four USB-C ports on the back, two of which support Thunderbolt. While the new power plug is magnetic, there’s still an Ethernet port in the power supply. (I know that from somewhere. Was it Microsoft's Surface?)

Of course, Apple offers keyboard, mouse and TrackPad in matching colours. The Magic Keyboard features special keys for emojis and the webcam as well as TouchID. This isn’t only handy to log in, the iMac also switches to the according user profile as soon as a user touches it.

Apple plans to start shipping the new iMacs in the second half of May – in the US. Details regarding availability in Switzerland and Germany as well as the feature options for storage and the price tags will follow.

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Jan Johannsen
Jan Johannsen
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