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The 16 wackiest warnings

created on 10.02.2017

Ever wanted to stick your kid in the washing machine to give it a thorough clean? Or you may be inclined to holding chainsaws by their chain? Some manufacturers seem to seriously doubt their customers’ sense of judgement.

1. Canine tablets

Warning: Alcohol may intensify the effect of these tablets. Therefore, please find another solution for your alcohol-addicted dog. Your pooch should also refrain from driving a car after taking the tablets.

2. iPod

Warning: Do not chew iPod shuffle. If you are feeling a bit peckish, make sure to swallow your iPod whole.

3. Scooter

Warning: This product moves when used. So glad we cleared that up. After all, wheels often have a different purpose altogether.

4. Chainsaw

Danger: Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw. Shoot, I’ve been doing that wrong for years!

5. Lottery ticket

Warning: Do not iron. Ironing’s overrated anyway. The tumble-dryer does an equally good job.

6. Screwdriver

Warning: Not to be inserted into penis. Probably best not insert anything into your penis?! Just saying…

7. Tractor

Instructions on how to avoid death when using the vehicle. Your insurance is going to love this one.

8. Coat hanger

Caution: Do not swallow! Also unsuitable as a dessert following your iPod.

9. Inebriated people

Beware: Drunken people crossing. This place sounds like a bit of a party hotspot!

10. Hairdryer

Warning: Do not use while sleeping. Despite the relaxing and soporific effect of the hairdryer’s gentle purring.

11. Cotton buds

Warning: Do not insert swab into ear canal. Oh, I see! So they were intended for facial cleansing after all.

12. Power line

Warning: Touching wires causes instant death. That’s why any violation will set you back 200 dollars. I’m guessing you’ll have to cough up for the fine beforehand.

13. Viagra

Not for newborns.

14. Ski slope

Caution: Trees don’t move. They just keep getting lazier.

15. Swimming pool

Warning: Do not breathe under the water.

16. XL sweater

Try on a small, come on. It’ll be funny. Yeah right, for everyone else.

Spotted any weird warnings yourself? Maybe a Galaxus product came with a screwball manual? Thanks for sharing your findings in the comments field.

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