Tefal Eversharp: knives that sharpen themselves
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Tefal Eversharp: knives that sharpen themselves

Simon Balissat
Translation: Eva Francis

They seem like a bit of an oddity – these knives come in a cover that doubles as sharpening stone. It works, but I’m sticking with my expensive knives.

The Eversharp system is easy to explain: every time I take the knife out of its cover or put it back, it’s sharpened. As far as I can tell, this works. The biggest problem with these two products isn’t the sharpening system, but that the knives aren’t great. All the re-sharpening in the world can’t change that.

Tefal Santoku Knife Ever Sharp 16.5 cm, Black (20 cm)
Kitchen knives
37.90was 48.55

Tefal Santoku Knife Ever Sharp 16.5 cm, Black

20 cm

Tefal Ever Sharp Chef's Knife with Knife Sharpener Case (16.50 cm)
Kitchen knives

Tefal Ever Sharp Chef's Knife with Knife Sharpener Case

16.50 cm

Cheap everyday knife that can be stored in the drawer

Of course, I can’t expect a stainless steel knife to be as sharp as the Japanese knives from Tokyo I’m used to. They don’t have to be either as they’re good enough as cheap everyday knives. They’re kept inside a cover, so you can store them in a drawer with other kitchen utensils without damaging the blade.

The two ever-sharp blades.
The two ever-sharp blades.
Photo:Simon Balissat

Both blades are made of X50CrMoV15 steel. You can read what that cryptic designation means here. In short, knives made of this alloy don’t stay sharp for a long time. The Eversharp compensates for this disadvantage by adding automatic sharpening. I’ve tried both knives and they worked well for me in everyday life. Cutting vegetables with rather tough skins such as tomatoes or peppers isn’t a problem at all. The blades also slice raw and roasted meat with ease. However, they’re not suitable for harder things such as cartilage or bone.

They sit nicely in the hand

Both knives sit nicely in the hand. Weighing in at 153 grammes (Santoku) and 159 grammes (Chef’s knife), they carry some weight, but don’t feel heavy. My Japanese Santoku is significantly heavier – it weighs almost 190 grammes. The Santoku by Victorinox, on the other hand, is just 110 grammes. What’s important to me is that a knife well balanced, i.e. that there isn’t too much weight on the blade or the handle. Both Eversharp knives pass this test. The only thing that bothers me while cutting is the small edge on the blade, which is needed so that they don’t fall out of their cover.

The serration at the top of the blade bothers me while I’m using the knife.
The serration at the top of the blade bothers me while I’m using the knife.
Photo: Simon Balissat

Controversial: are these knives dishwasher-safe?

Finally, I dare to make a highly controversial statement. Although the manufacturer recommends washing the knives by hand, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be dishwasher-safe. After all, they’re sharpened every time they go back into their cover, so it shouldn’t matter that the machine dulls the blades a little (the main argument against putting knives in the dishwasher).

Conclusion: good everyday knives that can be taken with you

I like oddities such as these two self-sharpening knives. My expectations were low – and both knives met them. I wouldn’t say they’re always sharp, but rather never blunt. In addition, the cover protects the blades, so I can easily take these knives with me – to a rented holiday home, for instance. However, they’re no replacement for expensive and specialised knives that are expertly sharpened.

Would you buy such a knife? Join the discussion in the comment section.

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