Still no Windows Copilot in Europe: Microsoft rolls out 23H2 update
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Still no Windows Copilot in Europe: Microsoft rolls out 23H2 update

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The rollout for the Windows 11 2023 Update (23H2) has begun. As the major Windows functions were already introduced a month ago under 22H2, not much will change. Especially not in Europe.

Microsoft has been distributing the 23H2 update for Windows 11 since yesterday, although the biggest innovations are no longer really new. This is because Microsoft already released associated features, such as Copilot, in advance for 22H2 and began rolling them out a month ago. However, the new AI assistant, which also signalled the end for Cortana, has not yet been allowed to launch in Europe. This will not change with the installation of the latest update. This essentially just gives Windows a new version number. Well, there are still two or three new features that are interesting.

Why Copilot is not (yet) coming to Europe

The reason why Copilot will probably not find its way onto European Windows PCs until 2024 lies with the legislator. More specifically, the European Union's Digital Market Act (DMA) is delaying the launch. When asked, Microsoft told Dr.Windows that Copilot will go online in the "European Economic Area (EEA) as soon as we can provide a service that complies with EEA rules".

On further enquiry as to whether this was due to the DMA, the company said:

We are working on an ambitious timeline to bring Copilot for Windows to the EEA in full compliance with the DMA, and we will continue to work with the European Commission as this compliance effort moves forward.

To that end, Microsoft emphasised that it has begun implementing and testing changes. The company hopes to "bring certain services into full compliance with the EU's Digital Markets Act by March 2024".

What new features 23H2 brings in detail

The update essentially brings the following innovations, which have not yet been published in advance:

  • The chat function integrated in Windows 11 now becomes part of Microsoft Teams (pinned to the taskbar by default)
  • Microsoft Teams receives an SMS function for receiving and sending texts. It also has a search function to find people.
  • The Windows Display Driver Model is updated to version 3.2 and the HLSL Shader Model to version 6.8, which brings experimental DirectX support for Work Graphs and Wave Matrix.
  • Apps included in Windows 11 are now displayed separately from others: In the Start menu under "All apps", "System" is displayed for pre-installed apps. In addition, the system apps can now be found in the settings under "System/System components" instead of under "Apps/Installed apps".

Those who have not already received it in advance via a 22H2 update will also receive the following with 23H2 (list contains the most important new features):

  • Windows Copilot (Europe excluded).
  • New Explorer features: These include better handling of tabs, which can now be moved between different Explorer windows. In addition, the tools have a new position, as the menu and address bar have swapped positions. There is also a new "catalogue" on the left-hand sidebar for organising images.
  • In addition to .zip archives, .rar, .tar and .7z can now also be unpacked. Packing is still only possible with .zip.
  • The grouping of apps on the taskbar can now be deactivated in the settings under "Personalisation/Taskbar/Taskbar behaviour".
  • The number of missed notifications is no longer displayed on the taskbar. Now only the corresponding bell symbol changes colour.
  • In the settings there is a new overview page, the "Start page", which provides frequently used options. For example, screen, language and sound.
  • The sound output has been given advanced quick settings (Windows+Ctrl+V).
  • If you make handwritten entries with a pen, you can now do this in any text field.

If you have not already received the new update automatically, you can trigger it in the settings under "Windows Update/Check for Updates".

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