Snag our stickers, get our GIFs

Snag our stickers, get our GIFs

Julian Stauffer
Zurich, on 22.02.2021
Co-author: Eva Lipecki
Translation: Veronica Bielawski
Our sticker campaign has reached new levels. First came the GIFs, then the sticker sheets and posters. Now it’s time to project them onto buildings and other surfaces in Basel and Zurich.

We’re continuing to give a platform to your Community comments. Over the course of two nights, we projected your comments onto various points of interest in Basel and Zurich. And we filmed the whole performance. We hope these projections will inspire you to continue commenting on your everyday life and special moments using our GIFs and stickers. After all, you’ve been doing so diligently since the last campaign.

Armin accompanied us during the two nights and documented everything. You can watch it here:

The rest is up to you

We started in Zurich and Basel for pragmatic reasons, but your city could be next! Have an idea of what we could light up with Community content next? Let us know in the comments, or create a post on social media with the point of interest and sticker of your choice – and make sure to tag digitec in it.

Snag a batch of digitec sticker sheets

Put in your two cent’s worth! You can either use the Community comments online on, or order them as a sticker sheet here. We’ll deliver them in waves and while stocks last.

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Julian Stauffer
Julian Stauffer
Art Director, Zurich
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