Show me your pool float and I’ll tell you who you are
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Show me your pool float and I’ll tell you who you are

Ramon Schneider
Zurich, on 10.07.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Large, small, round, square, coloured, sporty: I'm referring to pool floats. Often, pool float and owner make a good match.

In recent days, Switzerland has been flooded with pool floats and inflatable boats. No river, no lake and no pond was safe from them – whole caravans of pool float owners were seen floating through the towns and villages of Switzerland. Who are these people?

The extroverted eccentrics

Big, bigger, my ego. I want the world to know who I am and what I have. All eyes on me – that’s what I like. Why would I get a small pool float if I can have a giant, floating flamingo party island? It's for four people, but I need all the space for myself.

Pool floats
Flamingo Party Island
Intex Flamingo Party Island

The huge floating Flamingo Party Island guarantees an unforgettable summer for you and your friends.

The athletic pragmatists

I’m only prepared to spend money on a «pool float» if it’s versatile. That’s why an inflatable boat is my perfect choice. Who wants to be carried by the water all the time when you could be paddling and getting a free workout? Plus, this boat also has two holders for my fishing rods. Perfect!

Inflatable boats
Excursion 4 set (315cm, Paddles)
127.–was 215.–
Intex Excursion 4 set (315cm, Paddles)

The Excursion 4 offer safe fun on the water for your people and comes with two paddles and an air pump. TÜV-tested.

The sharing friends

Sharing is caring and I love floating down a river with my friends. It’s like in the pub – but on the water. What’s more relaxing and fun than spending a summer day on this floating island for four people? The inflatable backrest makes sure you can relax while the cup holders and the two integrated cooling pockets provide ultimate comfort."

Pool floats
Rapid Rider X4
Bestway Rapid Rider X4

Your very own island of relaxation: get on board, float away and enjoy the time with your three friends.

The greedy egoists

Sharing is for losers. I'm my own boss. I'll decide where and how fast to travel. Sharing my boat? Never. But a plain inflatable mattress isn’t good enough for me. It has to be something cheeky and fancy. A doughnut with a bite? Exactly my kind of humour.

Pool floats
Intex Doughnut

Peckish? Fancy a one metre wide doughnut? This funny pool float is a great accessory to show off your sweet style.

The thirsty voyagers

Whether I’m on this inflatable bar or swimming alongside it – as long as I have a cool beer water at hand, I’m happy.

Pool floats
Intex Chill

Need to cool down? With this inflatable cool box, you can enjoy a refreshing drink without leaving the water.

The loved-up couples

We always appear as a pair – hand in hand, arm in arm, head to head. We want everyone to see us when we float down the river on our romantic pool float together. Of course we share a kiss here and there, no need to make allowances for anyone. The world revolves around us anyway.

Pool floats
Canopy Island
Intex Canopy Island

Pure relaxation. Huge pool float with generous backrest and two cup holders.

The relaxed foodies

Our summer soundtrack is playing on the integrated sound system, our steaks are sizzling on the kettle grill in the middle and our cool refreshments are in our hands – we’re chilling out and enjoying our lives to the fullest. Why worry about yesterday or tomorrow – you only live once.

Sports experiences
BBQ on Lake Constance (1h, Eastern Switzerland, Kreuzlingen)
BBQ on Lake Constance (1h, Eastern Switzerland, Kreuzlingen)

This voucher entitles you to enjoy an unforgettable one-hour BBQ party on a party ring. BBQ, music and party for up to 10 people. Enjoy a delicious BBQ in a party boat on Lake Constance.

The non-floaters

I don't get why inflatable boats and pool floats are such a hype. Why spend money on something you only use twice a year? I’d rather grab my towel and find a nice spot to read a book and work on my tan. Floating down the river? Not my cup of tea.

Beach towels
Grid (95 x 180 cm)
Jaliya Grid (95 x 180 cm)

Woven, classic hammam towel: ideal for the sauna, sports or as a beach towel.

Pool floats

What's your opinion on the trend of floating down rivers?

  • I love it! My pool float and I are inseparable.
  • It's fun now and then. But I have other hobbies, too.
  • I was talked into it once. I'm not keen to do it again.
  • Wild horses couldn't drag me onto a pool float.

The competition has ended.

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Ramon Schneider
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