Palatable news: Galaxus expands its wine cellar to 17,000 bottles
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Palatable news: Galaxus expands its wine cellar to 17,000 bottles

Tobias Billeter
Zurich, on 01.07.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
By including the country's largest online wine retailer Flaschenpost, Galaxus has tripled its range of quality wines from all over the world. The most popular wines in Switzerland are delivered and ready to enjoy within 24 hours.

Galaxus is taking to the bottle – or rather: taking to thousands of them. The largest Swiss online shop is expanding its range by more than 17,000 wines from all over the world, making Galaxus one of the country's most diversified wine cellars. This was made possible by the sales cooperation with Flaschenpost, the young Swiss company that has stirred up the local wine business. Delightful prospects for all Galaxus wine lovers who are looking to enjoy a taste of Bordeaux, Tuscany, Toro or Ticino.

World Wide Wine

«Clever filter options make it easy for customers to find the right wine for every occasion,» says Manuel Furrer, Category Development Manager at Digitec Galaxus: «Planning a party? Simply order a few bottles of wine, apéritif and digestif on Galaxus and Swiss Post will deliver the weighty parcel right to your doorstep.» And there's more: in addition to a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines, Galaxus also offers corkscrews, bottle holders and wine glasses to make sure these good wines are served expertly. Plus, the full range of cooking utensils and BBQ products is only a few clicks away, making it easy enjoy a tasty wine and dine experience.

Swiss wines are in vogue

The Swiss enjoy native wine grapes. Local quality wines are becoming more and more popular, while Italian, French and Spanish wines are also much loved. The large selection of wines on Galaxus is tailored precisely to this gusto. Galaxus combines wine lovers’ favourites on one platform and tops off the service with next-day delivery: top sellers that are ordered before 5 p.m. arrive no later than the next day.

Online wine trading is booming

Current sales figures show that expanding the wine range goes down well with customers: in the first quarter of 2019, the Galaxus Community ordered almost twice as many wine bottles as in the previous year. This trend is in line with the development of the product range: While Galaxus started with a selection of 2,800 wines at the beginning of 2018, over 5,000 bottles were available in spring 2019.

Love at first sip

The driving force behind the inclusion of the Flaschenpost range is the merchant programme introduced by Digitec Galaxus: since October 2016, the company gives external merchants the possibility to sell their products on the Galaxus online shop. «Cooperating with Galaxus was an easy decision,» as Dominic Blaesi, founder Flaschenpost, explains. «Galaxus and Flaschenpost share the vision of bringing products to customers’ doorsteps in just a few clicks – combined with inspiration, first-class service and fair prices.» By the way: ordering alcoholic beverages is only possible after passing a reliable online age check via passport number or ID copy. If you’re not (yet) a connoisseur of wine, we recommend reading Galaxus gourmet news. Here’s a selection of articles on food and drink.

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