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Outlook for Mac is now free

Samuel Buchmann
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Microsoft is making its Outlook email programme available for MacOS free of charge. You can download the app now without a subscription or licence.

You're a Mac user but not a fan of Apple's own mail or calendar applications? Now you have a new free alternative: Microsoft is making Outlook for Mac freely available, as the company writes in a blog post. Until now, you needed a licence or a paid Microsoft 365 subscription. You can find the app now at this link. . The new Outlook for Mac is also optimised for Apple Silicon Chips and comes with a widget for calendar entries. The app supports accounts from, Google, iCloud, Yahoo as well as IMAP and POP accounts. According to Microsoft, it works seamlessly with the Outlook app for iOS - so you can start an email on the iPhone, for example, and finish it later on the Mac.

Dank dem sogenannten Handoff-Feature kannst nahtlos zwischen Outlook für iOS und MacOS wechseln.
Dank dem sogenannten Handoff-Feature kannst nahtlos zwischen Outlook für iOS und MacOS wechseln.
Bild: Microsoft

In the future, Microsoft also wants to integrate Outlook into Apple's focus profiles. For example, you could configure a Leisure focus where you'd still get notifications for personal emails, but none for business messages.

Mac users will be able to get a more personalised email experience.

Mac users will thus enjoy a free outlook, while the programme for Windows has so far remained chargeable. Those who do not want to pay will have to switch to the web version. Microsoft has been testing a new "One Outlook" for some time. It is supposed to combine Windows Mail and Outlook for Windows in a single programme and will also be free. However, this new Windows app is "web-powered", while the new Outlook for Mac is a native macOS app. . Titelbild: Samuel Buchmann

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