Trendy graphic elements: Decorative cushions by Ferm Living
Trendy graphic elements: Decorative cushions by Ferm Living
Cozy cushions with a Scandinavian or oriental touch by Cozy Living
Cozy cushions with a Scandinavian or oriental touch by Cozy Living
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Our top six brands for decorative cushions

Catharina Carstens
Zurich, on 10.08.2016
The range of decorative cushions leaves little to be desired. The sheer amount can even be a bit intimidating. We’ve taken a closer look at our decorative cushion brands and have put together our favourites.

1. Ferm Living – The modern look

The graphic elements adorning the Ferm Living cushions are totally trendy: From black and white to bright, eye-catching colours – graphic prints will add a modern and fresh touch to your home.

2. Cozy Living – Pure coziness

As the brand name suggests, Cozy Living cushions are cuddly and cozy. Their styles range from Scandinavian to oriental. It’s my personal favourite brand for beautiful, natural and cozy textile accessories in soft colours. All cushions are filled with feathers and are also great for outdoor use.

3. KAAT – Urban and trendy

Urban, trendy and young – that’s KAAT. The KAAT collections are inspired by various cultures and can't really be pigeonholed. I particularly like the “Airlie Beach” line that’s reminiscent of a trip to the sea.

4. Bischof-Gross – The allrounders

All cushions by Bischof-Gross are produced in Europe. Their range includes classic, unicolour indoor and outdoor cushions, floral motifs and shabby chic designs, to name but a few.

5. Bloomingville – Refreshing and surprising

Bloomingville decorative cushions are surprising, refreshing and always in step with the times. The stylish retro designs are easy to combine with each other.

6. Sander – Classic and weatherproof

Now there’s nothing in the way of your outdoor pillow fight with these high-quality, colourful cushions by Sander. Polyester fibre is lightweight and weatherproof, which makes it resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. The cushions have a low tendency to crease and retain their shape even in humid conditions. These are my absolute favourites for the outdoor season.

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Catharina Carstens
Catharina Carstens
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