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Make your wish come true

Your wish is to get an anti-wrinkle cream from your granny? Or a new alarm clock from your boss? Or a sleepless night from your darling? We’re taking our Galaxus Live Campaign to the next level – with you and your wish.

Send us a picture of the two of you and explain in a short text who wishes to get what from the other person. If you’d rather send us your wish by video, make a short video that shows you directing your wish and the reason for it to the other person. The more creative, the better.

We can’t promise that the other person will fulfil your wish, but we’re setting out to make your wishes come true by featuring you in our next promotional campaign and giving you a CHF 1000.– Galaxus shopping voucher! Enough said? Then we’ll take the lead: Our wish is to hear about the greatest, most heartfelt or wackiest wish you have!

Taking part


  • Send us your photo by email or Facebook together with the first name of all people who are depicted in the foreground and the information who wishes to get what from whom.
  • The person or persons depicted must be visible and recognisable. No graphics or fonts may be subsequently integrated into the photo.
  • Format: Photos must be in landscape or portrait format, preferably in their original resolution (i.e. not downscaled).


  • Upload your video to YouTube (private or public) and send us the link by email or post it on Facebook.
  • Say your wish directly into the camera and mention why you wish to get this and by whom.
  • Format: The camerawork should be as calm as possible and in landscape format. Background music and image editing are not allowed.
  • Length: approx. 10–15 seconds.

Entry deadline: 2 October 2017


The winners will be chosen at the beginning of October 2017 and notified by email. The selected photos and videos are rewarded with a CHF 1000.– shopping voucher.

Win even more

All entries automatically take part in our Facebook user competition. The winners (best photo and best video) are each awarded with an additional CHF 1000.– shopping voucher.

Rules of the game

  1. All participants must guarantee and confirm that all persons depicted in their photo or video agree to its publication.
  2. No alcohol or tobacco products may be shown nor may music be audible.
  3. The voting procedure may in no way be manipulated by the participants.
  4. We reserve the right to exclude a photo or video from the competition if entry conditions are infringed.

Entry conditions for the Galaxus Live Campaign By entering a photo or video, the sender confirms to be the author of the recording and gives Digitec Galaxus AG the right of unrestricted use of the recording for the intended advertising purpose for no longer than 31 December 2018. For each photo or video used in the campaign, the sender receives the stated amount as lump sum compensation. Further claims are excluded.


Irene Portmann, Zurich

  • Marketing Communications Manager
I love the strategy game “The Settlers of Catan”, the Ravensburger puzzle “Colourful Cupcakes” and the pink fluffy unicorn that sits on my desk (a birthday present from my workmates). Not only do I have a weakness for toys, I also get excited about good food and comedy TV shows.


3000 / 3000 characters

User tschumpel

Wann werden die Bilder/Videos publiziert ?

User snigdha

Hi, when would you publish the photos?

User david.fornerod_96

Wann gehts denn jetz los? es hiess anfang Oktober und jetzt ist es mitte Dezember!XD

User Anonymous

Lustig, ich erhalte X Daumen runter, aber nicht einer hätte sich begründet. Galaxus Mitarbeiter... ?! Was sonst?
Sorry wenn einer das sagt, was jeder denken sollte: 1'000.- Gutschein ist nicht genügend Lohn, um als Werbung den Kopf hinzuhalten.
Nur darum geht es.

User Anonymous

Musst ja nicht mitmachen wenn dir das zuwenig ist...?

User Anonymous

Gewinne bis zu 2000.- Du musst nur ausgewählt werden für die nächste Werbekampagne (dafür ganze 1000.-) und man muss gleichzeitig auch noch von den Users gewählt werden (Da gewinnt man dann nochmals 1000).
Ihr seid ja so schlau! Wahnsinn. Ich fühle mich als dumm verkauft. Gut - mit fühlen hat das wohl nicht mehr viel zu tun.

User Anonymous

es sind Gutscheine im Wert von bis zu CHF 2000.- und nicht der Betrag an sich ;)

User gftdesign

hmm . . . wenn Du einen Gutschein im Wert von Fr.2000.- gewinnst und damit zum Beispiel eine Digitalkamera kaufst . . . wo ist da der Unterschied, wenn Du Fr. 2000.- in bar gewinnen würdest, und Dir damit dieselbe Kamera kaufst?

User Digitalus

Nur WAHRES , ist BARES !