Keep warm this winter!

Keep warm this winter!

Theresa Schieder
Zurich, on 13.01.2016

Better late than never – winter has finally made an appearance, bringing us cold temperatures and snow. No reason, however, to stay indoors! Defy the cold and get equipped with clothing and accessories that will keep you warm and toasty from head to toe.


Whether or not we lose the most body heat through our heads is disputed among scientists. However, it can be said that heat loss through the head is disproportionately high and that our faces are considerably more sensitive to the cold than other parts of our body. So keeping your head and ears toasty in the blistering cold should be a top priority.

Billboard (One size)
Burton Billboard (One size)
The Rosa (One size)
Coal The Rosa (One size)
Big Bertha (One size)
Burton Big Bertha (One size)

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Functional underwear

Underwear is your most important layer. It will keep you warm on or off-piste. X-Bionic, official supplier of the Swiss national ski team, relies on innovative, nature-inspired technologies with interesting-sounding names such as Partial Kompression or Energy Accumulator. The Icebreaker brand stands for products made of Merino wool that combine the advantages of conventional wool, synthetics and cotton – they’re lightweight, soft and odour-resistant.

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Winter jackets

When it comes to winter jackets, down is definitely one of the best materials for keeping the warmth in. We particularly recommend down jackets to women, as they often feel the cold more than men. Make sure the jacket’s length is mid-thigh so your kidneys and lower back are well-protected. Some jackets, like the Suzanne Triclimate by The North Face, feature an additional inner jacket for extra warmth. The Burton Down Insulator is a fantastically compressible insulating jacket that can also be worn under your regular winter jacket.

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Gloves and socks

Fingers and toes are extremely sensitive to low temperatures and need to be wrapped up in toasty mitts or socks and boots. If your extremities are still chilly, Ziener will come to your rescue! The company makes special heated winter gloves with three heat levels that are adjustable at the touch of a button.

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Winter boots

When choosing your winter boots, make sure they’re breathable, waterproof and have good insulation.

W.E. Vienna Mix (38)
Moon Boot W.E. Vienna Mix (38)

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