«It’s all thanks to Giulia»
Behind the scenes

«It’s all thanks to Giulia»

Patrick McEvily
Zurich, on 20.03.2019
Pictures: Thomas Kunz
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
They’re an essential part of our character: our campaigns. Currently the billboards, banners and ads can be seen everywhere – outdoors, online or on TV. Additionally, a new Galaxus TV ad debuted this month. Time to ask Creative Director Flurin Spring some questions.

In two sentences: what do you want the general public to notice about the current digitec campaign?
Flurin Spring, Creative Director: that digitec offers an open platform for customers to help each other find the right product. Showing raw, honest customer opinions makes the digitec brand credible and strengthens the connection to our customers.

Who takes part in creating a campaign?
The main workload is done by an interdisciplinary core team consisting of two to three graphic and digital media designers from our in-house creation team. Then there’s a project manager from brand management and digital marketing representatives. Depending on the campaign, we also work with our in-house photographer and external copywriters. We collaborate closely with the production company PlanB for our TV ads. Martin Walthert (CMO), the brand managers and I closely manage the projects.

How does the process work from start to finish?
It varies a lot. Sometimes the ideas just pop up or suddenly fall into our laps. Other times we have concrete targets regarding the core message and the content of the campaign. Those cases can make developing a good concept long and challenging.

With existing campaigns, such as digitec’s Community campaign, we constantly question the current models based on ratings and feedback and adjust individual components accordingly. We adjusted the online presence of our current series, for example; putting more emphasis on accompanying measures such as articles written by our editorial team.

When implementing these ideas, a large part of our work goes towards improving individual components – our Community campaign requires a lot of effort to choose the right reviews. After that, most of our work consists of optimising the production of ad material for various platforms.

What inspires you?
Only one thing: Giulia, who lives in the kitchen on the 5th floor. Everything else is hard work.

What was the most important thing you learned during the last campaign?
Nothing really comes to mind. However, the one thing we always learn again and again: the essential part of a successful campaign is a clear, simple message and a focus on content. A campaign loses its edge as soon as you’ve got too much to say.

How do you manage to be a pirate and surprise us time and time again?
By ignoring established norms or purposefully subverting them.

Which campaign from another company did you personally enjoy?
The Swiss Aids federation’s Lovelife campaign appealed to me by making me laugh: butcher, aquarium, drilling into metal

Looking forward: which topic do you want to tackle for your next Galaxus campaign?
Until now, our goal with the image campaigns was to increase brand awareness and cultivate our image. A good brand image leads to long-term customers and ergo to a higher revenue. Our measures over the last few years have already led to an 80% increase in brand recognition. Our new Galaxus campaign, which launches in May, will be a slight shift from pure brand promotion to the conveying the quality of our product range – I’m excited for how that will turn out.

In unserem neusten TV-Spot nehmen wir dich mit auf eine Spritztour

In unserem neusten TV-Spot nehmen wir dich mit auf eine Spritztour

1 of 294703 honest opinions

1 of 294703 honest opinions

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Patrick McEvily
Patrick McEvily
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