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Is anybody out there?

See that look on ET’s face? Kind of worried and hopeful at the same time? Well that’s exactly what I feel like right now.

Not only is this my first blog entry ever but what I’m about to ask is also a bit nerve-racking in terms of my professional life. I’m the English translator for digitec and Galaxus and have just been given the rare chance to drop my readers a line. Hadn’t realised you were reading translated texts*? Well in that case I would like to thank you very much for the huge compliment! A good translation should sound natural and therefore be invisible to readers. The downside of that is that it makes translators invisible, too. So dare I ask the question: Is anybody out there? Make yourself known and make my day by clicking on the heart or adding a comment! Thank you.

★Since starting in winter 2014, I’ve roughly translated 6 million characters.


Jessica Johnson-Ferguson, Zurich

  • Translator
Jess likes pub quizzes, Rice Krispies and her two French donkeys. She’s into Hip Hop, but plays the drums in a rock band – a caring mum of one and a merciless boxer. Jess is British-Swiss, her hubby Scottish-Mexican and her son’s named after a Hungarian king. As she bridges the gap between cultures, she translates words not just verbatim but with her own brand of humour and style.


3000 / 3000 characters

User schulerdimitri

Actually landed here by accident. I think it's the first time I got the English site, no idea why.. But still thumbs up for ET and keep up the good work

User Jessica Johnson-Ferguson

Thanks, schulerdimitri! Hope you pop by again soon.

User lydialeey

Galaxus is my favorite English online shopping site in Switzerland, keep up the good work!

User akkip6526

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