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Great entertainment: These cat videos are an absolute must-see

Cat photos are cute, cat memes are iconic and cat GIFs have become an integral part of the 21st century. But cat videos are the real deal: They’re never out of fashion and always a guaranteed belly laugh. I’ve put together a compilation of the best cat videos out there.

Humans have always had a close relationship with cats. Cats are not only adorable pets, but always put a smile on our faces in cute pictures, cheeky memes, funny GIFs and amusing videos. As the cold season is approaching, I’ve put together some cat videos to beat the winter blues. Keeping a straight face is simply impossible.


Strictly speaking, this isn’t a video, although the pictures are moving and I found them on YouTube. This is only a slideshow. But why «only»? In my opinion, this is one of the best cat videos out there. Some of the pictures deserve to be framed and displayed in a museum.

Cats and cucumbers

I must admit, I’m not a great lover of vegetables myself and cucumbers wouldn’t be my first choice of side dish or even salad. But going ballistic because of a cucumber? Honestly, that’s just taking things too far.

Arch enemies

Cats versus dogs – one of the oldest rivalries. There are entire movies about cats and dogs plotting attacks against each other and recruiting secret agents. It’s really not that bad in reality, is it? I’ll let you decide.


Yes, cats have their own fail videos, too. Did you really think only humans could perform funny fails? No way. I must admit, cats are just at good at is – if not better.

Nothing but hot air?

Fun while they’re floating around and scary if they explode, balloons are another favourite thing of cats. You can almost see cats thinking «Why on earth can these things fly?». Cats can’t help but follow balloons wherever they go. That’s so much fun to watch, especially for us humans.

The first impression counts

Not only their behaviour, but also their looks can be astonishing and funny. Who said cats have no style? Completely wrong.

Cuteness overdose

Aw, how cute, a baby…and a kitten! Et voilà, it’s a wrap. I guess it will take the babies some time to realise that cats might soft and cuddly, but they’re not soft toys.

To sit is human

Animals are perfectly entitled to sit the way we do. Any objections? Of course not. No sooner said than done – and don’t forget to take a video of it, you will earn the eternal gratitude of the YouTube community.

Silent night, holy night

When my colleague Tanja Schütz caught me looking at cat videos (I was doing serious research for this article), she said: «Christmas is just around the corner, you should add a Christmas cat video.» She even provided me with one. This one’s to Tanja.

It’s time to get a cat

If the above videos haven’t given you enough reasons to get a cat, this one will convince you. Watch it to the end and you’re sure to be on the next bus to the animal shelter.

Do you know any more awesome cat videos? Are your own cats even funnier? Share your favourite videos in the comment section below.


Raphael Knecht, Zurich

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