Globus range now available on Galaxus
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Globus range now available on Galaxus

Alex Hämmerli
Zurich, on 04.01.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
The Swiss department store Globus now offers almost 24,000 products on – ranging from fashion and cosmetics to delicacies and spirits. We’ve set a new record; more than one million products are now available on

We’ve welcomed a new department on Galaxus: Choose from 24,000 Globus products and order them directly via our online shop. We’ve added a large selection of clothing and footwear, food, home and household products, cosmetics, perfumes and toys to our range.

«This is a win-win situation for both companies,» Andreas Hink, manager Digital at Globus, states. «More products and brands for Galaxus and a great boost to our online reach.» Digitec Galaxus AG counts a user base of over one million customers who make at least one order per year.

Galaxus cracks one million mark

Collaborating with Globus has propelled Galaxus’ range to more than one million products. While Switzerland’s largest online warehouse offered about 500,000 products at the end of 2016, this figure has been doubled within only one year. «Cracking the one million mark is an important mile stone for us,» Florian Teuteberg, Digitec Galaxus CEO, explains.

The Digitec Galaxus merchant programme has made the collaboration with Globus possible. Since October 2016, well-established retailers have the chance to make their products available on Galaxus. «Our aim is to offer our customers the best of all worlds: a large selection, maximum availability, fast delivery and attractive prices,» says Teuteberg.

Each product page shows whether an item is from Galaxus itself or a merchant. The user experience doesn’t change: «Our customers benefit from the usual Galaxus service,» Teuteberg explains. Alongside Globus, companies such as the pet store Qualipet, the e-bike experts M-Way, furniture specialists Ikarus, Beliani and Kare as well as the watch and jewellery retailers Helen Kirchhofer and Rhomberg are represented in the merchant programme.

9 of 24,000 products available on Galaxus

red wine/>
Globus Selección Especial 2014 (2014, 1 x 75 cl)
Ojo de Agua - Dieter Meier Globus Selección Especial 2014 (2014, 1 x 75 cl)
Bruschetta-Sauce Toscana
Delicatessa Bruschetta-Sauce Toscana
Teller ZAMONA (Dinner plate)
Globus Teller ZAMONA (Dinner plate)
Strickpullover (1251515200) (L)
Polo Ralph Lauren Strickpullover (1251515200) (L)

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