Gift ideas for babies and parents to be!
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Gift ideas for babies and parents to be!

Sina Harms
Zurich, on 26.11.2015
Give some joy.

Whether you’re celebrating a baby’s arrival, its christening or just want to give something small – finding the right present can be tricky. For this reason we have put together a selection of products that will make parents and babies happy alike.

Time to cuddle ##

Snuggly blankets, cuddly cloths and fluffy friends – there’s something for all softies.

Häkeltier Fuchs mit Klang (14cm)
Sebra Häkeltier Fuchs mit Klang (14cm)

Small gifts for kids who are rookies at table ##

Colourful plates with pretty designs and high-quality kiddie cutlery are perfect for making the dinner table an exciting place for any child. And there's no such thing as having too many bibs, right?

Bib Bee
Skiphop Bib Bee

Playing and discovering! ##

Discovering new things is not only something babies love to do, it is also essential for their healthy development.

Taking those first steps in style ##

Support for toddlers ready to take their first steps.

Magic memories ##

Some precious moments just fly by. These items will help you catch them.

Manon & Alizée Messlatte Manon der Igel
Nattou Manon & Alizée Messlatte Manon der Igel

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Sina Harms
Sina Harms
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