Get your desk neat and tidy

Get your desk neat and tidy

Arbenita Jashari
Zurich, on 02.03.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
Is there utter chaos on your desk and in your drawers? Are there pens, notes, paper clips and other office supplies spread across your work station? Hardly surprising; the smaller things are, the harder it is to keep them tidy. Luckily, there are smart storage solutions for everything.

If you want your desk to stay tidy for more than one day, you need to make sure everything has its place. The saying «A tidy house, a tidy mind» also works for your desk: If your work station is neat and tidy, you can concentrate on what you need to get done, be more efficient and feel more at ease.

This is a handy rule: The more often you need an item, the closer you should keep it. Anything that you don’t need regularly doesn’t need to be close to hand – or even in sight.

Sichthülle Everyday PP (A4)
Biella Sichthülle Everyday PP (A4)

Pens, scissors, rulers and the such should be placed in vertical containers to keep you from having to rummage around when you need them. Establish a system when it comes to storing supplies and you’ll always know where to find your things.

On a busy day in the office, you don’t want to waste time looking for your office supplies. That’s why keeping a smart storage system is so important. Once you’ve established where everything belongs, make sure to put things back to their place once you no longer need them. This will make it easy to maintain a tidy desk.

Rolling file cabinets

Fit perfectly underneath your desk.

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Arbenita Jashari
Arbenita Jashari
Junior Editor, Zurich
When it comes to office supplies, I believe in form and function. From pens, scissors, paper notes to glittery glue and funky folders. That’s what I’m about at work. When I’m not busy checking out the latest desk accessories, I enjoy jetting off to remote corners of the world, lifting weights or taking an evening walk.

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