The Galaxus team and the award sponsor (on the left) couldn't be happier: We won the main award (front right) and two more trophies!
On stage: the laudator, our team and co-organiser Malte Polzin
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Galaxus crowned «Swiss E-Commerce Champion 2017»

Thierry Pool
Zurich, on 01.06.2017
Translation: Eva Francis

On Wednesday, 31 May 2017, the Swiss E-Commerce Awards ceremony took place in Zurich. Winning the main award as well as two category prizes, Digitec Galaxus was the night's absolute winners. We’re delighted about this achievement!

With 600 attending guests, no chair was left empty at the Kaufleuten venue in Zurich when the awards for the best online retailers in Switzerland were presented. The independent expert jury of 16 members had assessed over 150 applications before deciding on the winners in 14 different categories.

To our great delight, we were presented with the main award as well as two category prizes! Not bad considering this was the first year that Galaxus entered the competition.

The photo gallery above shows Florian Teuteberg (CEO of Digitec Galaxus), Hendrik Blenken Blijdenstein (CPO), Martin Walthert (CMO), Stefan Fraude (Head of Marketplace) and myself as Head of digital Marketing. The pictures were taken on stage and in the studio where we were joined by the award sponsors.

A few details on our awards:

B2C - Home & Living

Our wide range of products was one reason why the jury chose Galaxus as winners. Also, as mentioned in the laudation, “what sets this Swiss online shop and market place apart is its extensive selection, expertise and large scope. The active community is a remarkable and unique feature which adds great value to the online shop. The jury has decided to reward this progressive strategy and give Digitec Galaxus the first prize.”

Curation, Social and Content Commerce

We’re very aware that our community is the centrepiece of our platform and would like to thank every one of our active customers! The jury continued to praise us for our “authentic product reviews and useful discussions which inspire sales and present high-quality and topical user-generated content. And it doesn’t end here: Posts by Galaxus employees are full of valuable tips, inspiration and recommendations regarding a variety of topics, innovations and offers. Galaxus has managed to wow the judges in all respects.”

Swiss E-Commerce Champion 2017

Finally, the moment arrived: All shops that had received awards on the night were named again and had high hopes to win the main prize. The tension started to grow as more and more company names disappeared from the screen. Ours was still there, so we were still in the game. And then it happened: we outranked Zalando and won the main award, adding to the outstanding praise we’d received earlier.

These were the exact words of the laudation: «The 6th Swiss E-Commerce Champion has already received two prizes tonight. And the winner is: Galaxus! From 150 applications, the expert jury has chosen the best ones for the six main categories and the special category. Their choice for the best online shop in Switzerland, the Champion, is – without discussion – Galaxus from Digitec Galaxus AG. The winner excels with its social commerce strategy, highly topical user-generated content, extensive selection, high expertise and large scope.

The jury agrees: with its outstanding achievements, Galaxus absolutely deserves this prestigious award. Congratulations to the Swiss E-Commerce Champion 2017!»

Thank you very much!

We would like to thank the jury for their praising words, as well as our customers and our employees who all play a major role in creating a lively community and offering such qualitative content in our online shops. This makes us happy and pushes us to enhance our platform permanently. In a year’s time, when the award is presented again, the standard will surely be even higher. And no retailer has ever managed to defend the title…

Images: Swiss E-Commerce Award

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