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Galaxus crowned «Digital Commerce Champion 2018»

On Wednesday, 23 May, the Swiss Digital Commerce Awards ceremony took place in Zurich. Galaxus and digitec received five awards in total; Galaxus won the main award for the second year in a row. We’re delighted about this achievement!

Around 700 guests attended the Digital Commerce Conference yesterday. The event was followed by an awards ceremony for Switzerland’s best retailers. An expert jury of 17 members had previously assessed more than 165 applications before deciding on the winners in 16 categories. Together, Galaxus and digitec made the winner’s podium five times.

Details on our awards:

Home & Living

Galaxus managed to defend its title in this category for another year. The jury particularly recognised:

Up-to-date support, demand- and solution-oriented help for shoppers and more convey a high level of expertise throughout the range.

Electronics & Media

digitec was delighted to receive an award in this category for the very first time. Last year, Exlibris took the victory with a narrow lead. In a nutshell, this is why we won the prize:

The strongest selling Swiss online shop impressed the jury with its outstanding usability.

Community & Storytelling

Like last year, we received a prize for «Curation, Social and Content-Commerce». Receiving the award again this year mirrors our continuous development of our activities in these fields:

Galaxus impresses with its social-commerce strategy that puts its community first. Product ratings, discussions as well as articles written by Galaxus employees all contribute to user-generated content that has its finger on the pulse.

Best Feature: Product resale

Since October 2017, both digitec and Galaxus feature a reselling option for products purchased from either shop. The jury was impressed:

The jury was won over by the strategy, concept and implementation for reselling products on They were particularly impressed with the business model. After all, with this Best Feature, digitec proves that it is there for its customers post sale and provides a solution for articles that are no longer used. What’s more, the feature is a great way of maintaining valuable customer interaction and keeping budgets within the company’s ecosystem. In other words, every franc spent is potentially spent several times on digitec. The feature is seamlessly integrated into both online shops. And both sellers and buyers benefit from an easy-to-use resale platform, the reuse of existing product information and transferrable warranties.

Digital Commerce Champion

Our company’s representatives were called to the stage five times – more than any other retailer on the night. What’s more, Galaxus was awarded the main prize – and was the first company to defend it for the second time in a row!

The jury unanimously decided that the extremely successful and currently only Swiss online department store impressed right across the board: Product range, advisory expertise, functionality, usability, social-commerce strategy, community building and much more.

Thank you!

We would like to thank the jury, the organisers and all the guests at yesterday’s event for their many words of praise and well wishes. We would also like to thank our customers and employees. They all contributed immensely to our active community and great content in our online shop. We are happy and motivated to keep on working hard at digitec and Galaxus. And who knows, we might just defend the title for a third time next year.

Images: Digital Commerce Award

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Thierry Pool, Zurich

  • Head of Digital Marketing and Media Planning
I’m passionate about observing the development of the digital environment – particularly when it comes to the countless exciting and interesting challenges and changes it has in store for our society, our everyday lives and businesses. Apart from that, gaming has been a part of my life since I first started out at Digitec Galaxus as well as IT in general, travelling, sports, concerts and good food.

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