fitbit – fitness trackers for everybody!
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fitbit – fitness trackers for everybody!

Theresa Schieder
Zurich, on 26.11.2015
Whether you enjoy walks, are a sports enthusiast or a professional athlete – fitbit has a suitable product for everybody. Their activity trackers and sports watches track your activity and help you stay fit and motivated.

fitbit produces technologically advanced wearables that enable you to track all aspects of your daily life, such as activities, workouts, diet, weight and sleep. These features will help you get fit, stay motivated and show you how even very small steps can have big effects. Discover the various activity trackers by fitbit here and find the model that is right for you.

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Set your targets, track and succeed

The ideal addition to your daily fitness routine: The smart fitbit wi-fi scale tracks weight, body fat percentage as well as your BMI, allowing you to see all the numbers you need to start living a healthier lifestyle. Monitor your progress via your activity tracker, on a computer or with the free smartphone app.

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Theresa Schieder
Theresa Schieder

Category Leader, Zurich

I’m not a great cook, struggle with home decorating and am incapable of properly assembling IKEA furniture. So at Galaxus, I’m a marketing manager in charge of sports. And sports is also what I love doing best in my spare time: cycling, tennis, skiing, swimming or working out at the gym. I’m also passionate about football and a big Bayern Munich supporter.

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