E3 2019: Microsoft revealed new details on the next Xbox as well as announced 60 games
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E3 2019: Microsoft revealed new details on the next Xbox as well as announced 60 games

Philipp Rüegg
Zurich, on 10.06.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
A new console, a new streaming service and too many games to count. OK, it was 60. Microsoft went all out for E3 in Los Angeles.

Microsoft made use of Sony's E3 absence and really let it loose last Sunday. The jam-packed press conference lasted more than one and a half hours. 60 games, including 14 from Xbox Game Studios, were on display. On top of that, Microsoft revealed first details on the upcoming Xbox.

A new Xbox is coming towards the end of 2020

Project Scarlett, Microsoft's Xbox One successor, will be released next year. Microsoft hasn't let the official name slip as of yet. In the presentation, particular attention was drawn to shortened or non-existent loading times. This will be achieved thanks to a new generation of SSD cards, which will be 40 times faster than the previously installed HDD. Thanks to Ryzen Zen-2 CPUs, Navi graphics chips and GDDR6 RAM there should be no lack of performance whatsoever. Scarlett should be around four times faster than the current generation of consoles, says Microsoft. In addition, buzzwords such as 120 fps, 8K and raytracing were used. You can definitely get curious. The first official launch title is a special treat. It's «Halo Infinite».

Project xCloud

Microsoft has introduced a hybrid streaming service for games. With xCloud you can stream from the Microsoft cloud to a device such as a smartphone or tablet or you can choose the free version and use your own Xbox as your streaming device. It's slated to launch in autumn. 3,500 games from the Xbox library should work with it. Work is in progress on 1,900 more. Nothing more was said about it at the conference. Still, E3 has only just begun.

A new Xbox Elite Controller

Microsoft's new Elite controller offers numerous improvements. Now you can switch back and forth between three profiles directly on the controller. Microsoft is promising up to 40 hours of battery life.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Netflix subscription model for games is coming to PC. Xbox Game Pass PC costs CHF 10.– a month (however, it is currently still listed at CHF 5.– in the store). The new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available for only CHF 5.– more. This includes the Xbox and PC versions of Game Pass combined with Xbox Live.

Double Fine will be an Xbox game studio

The makers of «Broken Age», «Brütal Legends», «Psychonauts» and more are now an Xbox Game Studio. Studio boss Tim Schaefer was present with a new trailer for «Psychonauts 2».

«Halo Infinite»

The Master Chief graced E3 again. But you won't be able to play with your favourite green Covenant-slaying until the end of 2020, along with the new Xbox.

«The Outer Worlds»

The recent Microsoft acquisition Obsidian opened up with the action RPG «The Outer Worlds». This mix of «Fallout» and «Borderlands» in space will be released on October 25th, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

«Bleeding Edge»

Next up was another game by a new Xbox-owned studio. «Bleeding Edge» by Ninja Theory. It seems like a pretty wacky action game with lots of crazy characters. The technical beta will already open on 27/6.

«Ori and the Will of the Wisps»

The eye-wateringly beautiful «Ori and the Will of the Wisps» is the sequel to the hugely beloved platformer «Ori and the Blind Forest». The graphics look amazing again and the gameplay should stay as crisp as you know it from the original. It's set to release on 11/2/2020 for PC and Xbox One.

«Minecraft Dungeons»

A «Minecraft» game in the vein of «Diablo»? They really had everything. «Minecraft Dungeons» offers 4-player co-op locally as well as online. Releases Spring 2020.

«Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order»

The game was already unveiled at the EA Play event. At the Microsoft press conference there was a new brief look at the upcoming action adventure set in the Star Wars universe. It'll come out on 15/11 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

«Blair Witch»

This horror game set in the «Blair Witch» universe gives you access to a brave little dog named Bullet. He helps you track down the horrific creatures that are out to get you. The shaky-cam is also included, of course. Let's see if the game is as terrifying as its movie counterpart.

«Cyberpunk 2077»

At long last, the hotly anticipated sci-fi action RPG «Cyberpunk 2077» gave us something to lap up. No real gameplay, but an action-packed trailer that showed different ways to end a mission. They saved the biggest surprise for last, however. Keanu Reeves, who personally passed by the event, will play a starring role in it.

Oh, and then there was the release date: 16/4/2020.


3-player couch-co-op, colourful beat'em'up action and even the infamous racing sequence is back. Hopefully it's not as difficult as the original. It wasn't revealed when Zitz, Pimple and Rash would unpack their huge fists again.

«The Legend of Wright»

The design choices for «The Legend of Wright» seem unusual. The game resembles a children's desk with a fully drawn notebook and lots of other items on it. Put a bunch of paper figures on it and you've got «The Legend of Wright». Keep an eye out!


In this lovingly designed indie game you play a ferryman for the dead. You build a boat, explore the world and lead your ghost friends across a mystical ocean to their final destination. Available in 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

«Microsoft Flight Simulator»

The legendary flight simulator returns. Who would have thought?

«Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition»

After part one already received an upgrade, the next logical step is this, the continuation in the cult strategy series. 4K graphics and many detail improvements await you this autumn.

«Wasteland 3»

The turn-based tactical action RPG «Wasteland 3» takes place in post-apocalyptic Colorado. Or as the narrator in the trailer calls it: «a post-apocalyptic winter wonderland». The threquel seems to have a much more humorous tone than its predecessor.

«Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga»

« All nine films united in one game. That's what the new Lego «Star Wars» game is offering. Sometime in 2020.

«Dragon Ball Z Kakarot»

Over the top action, stylish comic graphics and a whole lot of fists to faces are coming to «Dragon Ball Z Kakarot».

«12 Minutes»

Viewing from an unusual bird’s eye camera perspective, you pass through the various rooms of this interactive crime thriller. You play as a man stuck in a repeating 12 minute time loop.

«Way to the Woods»

Ever played a deer? «Way to the Woods» makes that possible. Together with a fawn, you wander through railway stations and ram vending machines on your way to the forest. Available in 2020 for PC and Xbox One.

«Gears 5»

A bunch of tough guys and girls shooting monsters into bloody lumps with massive guns. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You will get to test the popular Horde mode at Gamescom. The game will be released on September 10th or four days earlier if you subscribe to the Ultimate version of the through Game Pass.

«Dying Light 2»

The sequel is definitely going to offer much more story and options to choose from. But there will also be lots of zombies and parkour as always. Comes out in Spring 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

«Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions»

Lego seems know no boundaries. Now even «Forza Horizon 4» will be transported into the world of colourful little blocks. Comes out this week. Wow.

«Gears Pop»

Another company willing to slap their branding on any flat surface is the mobile game Gears Pop. It combines, as the name suggests, the fps franchise with the well-known collector's figurines. The game is releasing on Android and iOS.

«State of Decay Heartland»

The Zombie Survival game is getting a new expansion. Heartland will be the biggest add-on the studio has ever produced. The campaign is already available.

«Phantasy Star Online 2»

The legendary PC-MMO has been around for seven years in Japan. Coming 2020, it will also appear in North America for the Xbox One. Epic boss fights, humongous monsters, colourful heroes. What a Japanese MMO has to offer.

«Crossfire X»

«Crossfire» is some sort of weird military action affair, releasing in 2020. Sorry, but there's really nothing to say about this trailer. I just put it in for the sake of completeness ;).

«Tales of Arise»

«Tales of Arise» is bringing fast-pace JRPG action to Xbox One and PS4 in 2020.

«Borderlands 3»

Of course impatient «Borderlands» fans weren't disappointed. In the trailer, the various heroes shoot their way through hordes of suicidal monsters using crazy weapons and wacky special abilities. Available on 13/9 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

«Elden Ring»

From Software, creators of the «Souls» series and «Sekiro Shadows Die Twice», are venturing into western fantasy territory with «Elden Ring». Along for the ride: George R. R. Martin. Hey, any excuse to not finish the books.

And here's the entire thing once again.

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