Disney Plus: The end of the Disney Bunker is nearing
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Disney Plus: The end of the Disney Bunker is nearing

Dominik Bärlocher
Zurich, on 11.03.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
When Disney’s streaming service launches, it’ll be the end of an era. The bunker in which Disney preserves rarely seen treasures will be closed down.

Disney movies are never on TV. Disney movies aren’t available on any streaming platforms. Disney movies play in cinemas, then come out on DVD or Blu-Ray. Since the 1920’s, Disney has amassed a trove of countless movies that you can either buy or watch in cinemas if they get a revival.

This will all change in 2019.

Because Disney is launching a new streaming service called Disney Plus. Something interesting: the website will definitely be available in German.

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«Disney Plus will contain the entire Disney motion picture library,» Disney CEO Bob Iger told online news portal Polygon.

100 years of Disney movies

Essentially, Bob Iger’s statement is «the bunker is part of the past». Because with the launch of Disney Plus – the exact date is still unknown – every movie Disney has ever produced will be available on the online portal. This means you can watch Snow White whenever you want. Just like the new live-action version of «Kim Possible».

Until now, this is how Disney operated: A movie, especially if it’s an animated classic, appears in theatres. You go and watch the movie. Then a home video release comes out. It that version sells out, then that’s that. A second edition? Sometime in the future maybe. So if you have a 1973 VHS version of «Robin Hood», you were lucky. Once every so often, Disney makes an exception and puts a movie in cinemas again. Sometimes they even bring out a new edition for home video. This happened in 2003 with «The Lion King» after the original DVD and VHS release had been available from 1995 through 1997.

But Disney isn’t just stopping at movies. Aside from animated and live-action movies, TV-series from 1954’s «Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Colour» to 2019’s «Star vs. The Forces of Evil» and everything still to be created will be featured.

Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic on top of that

Disney movies aren’t the only thing in Disney’s arsenal. As we all know, Disney is more that just an animation studio with a tv channel. Disney is a corporation who for the last few years has been swimming around the entertainment pool like a shark, gobbling up many popular intellectual properties. In 2009, Disney bought Marvel. What this means: All Marvel movies and series will be viewable on Disney Plus. Next to all Star Wars movies, the rights to which Disney acquired in 2012.

Further, National Geographic documentaries will be on Disney Plus, one of them probably being the Oscar winner «Free Solo».

Oh, and all of Pixar as well. Just so you know.

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