Dine comfortably at home with brunch box

Dine comfortably at home with brunch box

Arthit Gmür
Zurich, on 22.02.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
E.T. phone home? – Yes, should be feasible. But see E.T. his friends? – Nope, impossible. What is easier than calling Brodo Asogi: teleporting your friends home for brunch.
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BrunchButler delivers fresh quality from regional bakeries directly to your door. What is otherwise exclusive on Sundays is temporarily available daily.

BrunchBoxes contain all kinds of delicacies: from freshly baked Zopf to Birchermüesli, freshly squeezed orange juice to meat, cheese and salmon platters. Feast and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

We're giving away 3 different brunch boxes! That way you won't have to leave the house half asleep.

• BrunchBox William, for a real royal treat!
• BrunchBox James, butler’s choice. The family and friends box!
• BrunchBox Andrew, a brunch delight for two!

On that note, we’ll be right here.

Win one of 3 brunch boxes.

What does the term brunch stand for?

The competition has ended.

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Arthit Gmür
Arthit Gmür
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