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digitec Podcast Episode 96: Lex Netflix, "Dorfromantik" developer interview, Google I/O

Philipp Rüegg
Zurich, on 13.05.2022

We provide a classification on the film law vote, talk to the Swiss developer of "Dorfromantik" and discuss Google I/O.

This week's program is bursting at the seams. First, Luca talks about his visit to Samsung in London, where he saw the new QD OLED TVs. Then we deliver an explanatory piece on the vote on the film law, better known as Lex Netflix.

News we have little, but all the more weighty. At the Google I/O developer conference, there were plenty of new devices to see - including a new tablet, which won't be released until 2023. 2023 also brings changes for "FIFA". The sports game series is canceling its collaboration with the Football Association and is relying on NFTs instead?

We watched the anime adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" called "Belle". We also have a review of "Moon Knight".

Among other things, we played the incredibly stylish "Trek to Yomi", which makes generous use of cult director Akira Kurosawa. In the case of the pixel dream "Songs of Conquest", which has come true, the template is called "Heroes of Might and Magic" and that's why I'm blown away.

In the second part, Sandro Heuberger is our guest. He is co-founder of Toukana, a Berlin-based game studio responsible for the Steam hit "Dorftromantik". The written version of the interview will follow shortly.


  • [00:04:04] Luca visits Samsung
  • [00:17:18] Lex Netflix
  • [00:37:05] Google I/O
  • [00:51:49] "FIFA" is renamed
  • [00:57:58] "Belle"
  • [01:04:34] "Moon Knight"
  • [01:15:52] "Trek to Yomi"
  • [01:21:01] "Songs of Conquest"
  • [01:25:01] "Bloodhunt"
  • [01:28:03] Interview with Sandro Heuberger, developer of "Dorfromantik"

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