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Digitec Podcast Episode 124: FTX bankruptcy: Has the cryptocurrency system failed?

Philipp Rüegg

FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges, is going under. The reasons for this are hair-raising. More welcome is the news that Switzerland has an astronaut again. We also talk about the new "Pokémon" game, which is breaking records despite serious flaws.

The story about the FTX crypto exchange crash is so crazy that Amazon is already planning a series on it.
Simon reveals the incredible details behind the disaster in the podcast. Marco Sieber should also soon be making a steep ascent, literally. The Swiss was recruited as an astronaut and will soon be allowed to fly into space. Many fans would like to shoot the new "Pokémon Crimson and Purple" to the moon. Despite lousy graphics and poor performance, it is a sales success.

This week, "Slumberland", "Strange World" and "Barbarian" flickered across our screens. Only one of them could inspire.

In the games corner, Luca tells us about his suffering with the unsightly "Pokémon Crimson and Purple". I, on the other hand, rave about "Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration". An interactive and exciting journey through 50 years of Atari.


  • [00:02:06] Your networking tips .- [00:10:18] Collapse of crypto exchange FTX
  • [00:28:27]

Switzerland has a new astronaut

  • [00:37:16]Pokémon sales record despite crash landing
  • [00:44:28] New old boss at Disney
  • [00:53:18] "Slumberland"
  • [00:59:50]

"Strange World"

  • [01:14:23] "Barbarian"
  • [01:17:30]"Pokémon Crimson and Purple"
  • [01:27:08] "Atari 50"

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