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Despacito – revival of a classic

It’s old hat. Out of fashion. Yes, this summer hit has passed its sell-by date. However, this doesn’t seem to keep musicians from coming up with new cover versions. Here are a few surprising takes on Despacito.

Piano loop

This is the high-end version of the song: Played on an open piano and fine-tuned with a loop station. Listen and enjoy. This version has the potential to convert any Despacito hater.


How not to love the small, yellow minions? Being the icons they are, there’s no way they could have missed this opportunity to make us all laugh. With great success!


Yes, the summer hit even found its way into the largest electronic dance music festival of the world. Wow!

The classic

No, this isn’t the original version. It’s the classical version of two cellists who put their very own spin on the song.

Hopp Schwiiz

Even locals and Swiss confederates get their money's worth this summer – thanks to Despacito.

Bye-bye toothache

That’s the kind of dentist I’d like to have. Or maybe not?

Austrian Latinos

We wouldn’t want all those lovers of Schlager music to miss out. This bright green band from Austria make sure they don’t. Whether we should thank them for it is a separate question.

The original

For all purists, aficionados and experts of the Despacito scene.

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User Anonymous

Schade ist das "Piano Cover" etwas fake... der spielt nicht so ganz das, was ich höre ;)
(ich meine nicht die Loops oder die anderen Geräusche, wirklich nur der Pianopart)

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User Raphael Knecht

Echt? Kenne mich da leider viel zu wenig aus – kannst Du mir eine Stelle im Video angeben (Zeit), an der es offensichtlich ist? Oder muss man das «einfach raushören»?

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User Anonymous

eine genaue Zeit braucht's da nicht - beim Melodieaufbau mit den Loops, sieht man es quasi no-stop. Kann sein, dass man das nativ erkennt, wenn man selber spielt. Playback - erkennt man halt einfach.

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