Computex: it steams, blinks and runs at -58°C
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Computex: it steams, blinks and runs at -58°C

Martin Jud
Zurich, on 30.05.2019
Co-author: Kevin Hofer
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
There’s a whole bunch of new products at Computex, from surreal to innovative. That’s not all, however. For example, there’s a near unlimited variety of case mods. One of them caught our eye.

In order to cool his PC components, overclocker Elmor usually uses liquid nitrogen (LN2). He’s trying to break any world record he can. No matter if it’s at home or at overclocking competitions such as Computex. And at the G.Skill booth, we truly realised we were dealing with a genius case modder. A huge steaming contraption surprised Kevin and me there.

Jaw-dropping. Elmor’s case mod was steaming and blinking. Just next to it, a thermometre indicates the temperature: around -58°C. All thanks to LN2, every overclocker’s dream. In Europe, 240 litres of liquid nitrogen will quickly run you about 580 francs, if my research is anything to go by. Back at G.Skill’s booth, however, rumours are running wild that you can get the same amount from Asia for about 20 francs. Still doesn’t really matter, this case mod probably won’t go into mass production – and even if it did, G.Skill can afford it.

The system, dubbed «IceCube», includes the following components: * Intel Core i9-9900K * 2 x 8 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM * Asus ROG Maximus XI Apex

Thanks to its insane LN2 cooling, the processor runs at 5.7 GHz. While RAM runs at 4,800 MHz. This system is definitely an extremely cool contraption. This is helped by Elmor’s quiet humility, which makes the Swedish overclocker and modder seem even more sympathetic. Hey, check it out for yourself:

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Martin Jud
Martin Jud
Editor, Zurich
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