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Compact toys for the holidays

Myrtha Brunner
Zurich, le 18.07.2019
Responsible for translation: Eva Francis
Is your suitcase bursting at the seams? Nevertheless, you still need toys to stop your little one getting bored at your destination. There's bound to be space in your case or car for these compact toys.

Personally, I find the outbound journey the most testing part. Find tips for entertaining your child on long car journeys in my latest article (in German):

*8 Unterhaltungs-Möglichkeiten** für lange Autofahrten mit Kindern

8 Unterhaltungs-Möglichkeiten für lange Autofahrten mit Kindern

Our customer PrahaBasler commented on it to say that I'd missed out travel games such as Uno and Elfer raus. He was right. In my opinion, though, some toys are less suitable for the journey but much better suited to the rest of the holiday. Uno and Elfer raus are two of them. Read on for more toy tips for your coming holidays, whether by the water, in the countryside or up in the mountains.

Splashing around: when child meets water

The benefit of beach holidays is obvious. You don't need as many clothes and there's more space for toys. Their reduced size make inflatable items ideal.

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Happy People Schwimmring Krebs
Wasserball Down Under (ball game)
Happy People Wasserball Down Under (ball game)

You should be thinking about swimming aids as soon as you get near a pool or the ocean. Adjust them to the relevant age. For younger ones, there are swim seats and armbands, while swim vests, swim belts and floats are best for older children.

Once you've ensured your children's safety, nothing can stand in the way of your watery fun. Dive rings, water pistols and sand pit accessories add to the fun in and around the water.

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Nerf Super Soaker 4er Party Pack

Siesta hours are the perfect time for a little nap. But some children just won't sleep. That's why I recommend taking along one or two beach games so that the young ones can occupy themselves in a shaded spot. You might even get to close your eyes for a few minutes. The games offer even more fun in the evenings. You can even organise small tournaments if you have enough people.

Schildkröt Boule / Boccia / Pentanque Set Steel (Boccia)
Kubb (cubb, throwing game)
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Philos Kubb (cubb, throwing game)

Rural recreation: in the middle of nowhere

If you're preparing for a farm holiday, I wouldn't be as worried about toys. Your child will have all of the wildlife to experience. At most, you'll need something to entertain them in the evenings or on rainy days. If you'll be relaxing at a remote property, you'll likely need more toys. Otherwise, your little one will soon get bored.

Toy prams for dolls are very popular with younger children. If there's enough room, you could also bring along a balance bike or bicycle for older children. I'd also recommend packing a paddling pool for cooling off on hot days, which can be set up on a balcony.

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Bestway Planschbecken Jungel

In the meantime, children can get creative with dough, outdoor crayons and pens. They can mostly occupy themselves, giving their parents a little rest.

Play-Doh Küchen Tools
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Happy People Strassenkreide (Multicoloured, 20mm)

To keep the entire family entertained, I'd recommend one or two board games. There's also a blank figure for the Toniebox, which offers great figures with stories and songs. You can paint them, glue them and play your own music and stories through them. Entertainment for the whole family.

Hasbro twister (DE)
Philos Holz-Spielesammlung

Yodelayheehoo: when the mountains are calling

Whether you're heading up the mountain on a cable car or climbing it on foot, there's a drop either side. This means you can leave anything round and at risk of rolling at home. Compact, light toys are practical choices so that they can fit in your rucksack.

Colouring books and crayons are ideal for younger children, alongside small hidden picture books. They give children a lot to look at and parents can think of an accompanying story.

Glitzerzauber Malbuch Märchen
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Glitzerzauber Malbuch Märchen
Ravensburger Mein grosses Sachen suchen Wimmelbuch (Susanne Gernhäuser)

Travel games are a good option for older children. You can keep them in the external pocket of your rucksack or even in a jacket pocket.

Ravensburger Tierbaby Memory (German)
Mattel Games UNO (German, French, Italian)
AGM AGMüller Jassgarnitur Swiss (German)

In emergencies, you can stow away a small multimedia device in your rucksack. Then they can capture the landscape with the camera or play games. The only thing you need is enough battery power. You can upload games, music and books onto a tablet. To charge the device, plug it in at your destination or keep a charger handy.

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Jumbo Rubik's Cube 3x3

Games are obviously not inescapably linked to your destination. They give you ideas about what you can take with you. Nevertheless, it's worth asking your child directly what they would like to take along. One child might prefer to listen to music, while another would rather play a game and the third would like to read. This also automatically reduces the assortment of toys you need.

If you have more tips for family holidays and toys for other parents, please share them by commenting below. I'm now onto my next search for tips, tricks and information about all things children-friendly. Follow me and never miss out again.

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