Classy extras for retro cyclists
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Classy extras for retro cyclists

Gion Manetsch
Zurich, on 29.04.2016
Cycling has long evolved from being a mere sport or means of transport – for many, it is a true fashion statement.

We’ve put together a selection of particularly classy vintage-style bikes as well as some beautiful accessories to match. Road users' eyes will be out on stalks!

Bikes for retro riders

Some of our retro models are so-called single speed or fixie bikes and are great for hitting those flat urban streets. UrbanRider and Creme bikes are equipped with 3 to 7 gears but still have that single speed look.

Vinyl Solo Automatix (51cm)
Creme Cycles Vinyl Solo Automatix (51cm)
Caferacer Solo (48.50cm)
Creme Cycles Caferacer Solo (48.50cm)

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Stylish bike accessories for vintage fanciers

The leather look as well as metal and shades of brown are the latest trend when it comes to bike accessories. The British brand Brooks is a true pioneer in this field and does not cease to impress all vintage fans with its distinctive style that is reflected in all accessories.

C17 Cambium (City bike, Trekking bikes)
Brooks England C17 Cambium (City bike, Trekking bikes)
Portland Bell Brass
Quantity discount
11.30for 2 Pieces
Basil Portland Bell Brass
Full Fender Vivid Cherry (Set)
Woodie Full Fender Vivid Cherry (Set)
Foldable Leather (58 - 61 cm)
Carrera Sport Foldable Leather (58 - 61 cm)
*Schütze dein Velo** mit dem richtigen Schloss

Schütze dein Velo mit dem richtigen Schloss

Get your bike *ready for spring** – in just 6 steps!
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Get your bike ready for spring – in just 6 steps!

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