Clad yourself in our creepiest Halloween costumes
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Clad yourself in our creepiest Halloween costumes

Ramon Schneider
Zurich, on 15.10.2018
Halloween is nigh! 31 October is approaching fast and so is «trick or treat». To give everyone in your neighbourhood a mighty fright, you’re going to need a scary outfit. I’ve picked out my personal favourites from our range.

The death squad

You could be a dead clown who pops up at kiddie birthday parties and feasts on the fear of innocent individuals. Or dress up as a zombie and mindlessly thud through the streets. Alternatively, you could cause mayhem as an angel of death and collect lost souls only to incarcerate them in the depths of hell. Death and Halloween go together like skulls and crossbones.

Jaw Dropper - zombie clown - bloody clown
Morphsuits Jaw Dropper - zombie clown - bloody clown

Be a ghost of your former self

Just like death, ghosts are welcome guests at Halloween. They’re intangible, can float through objects, inhabit your body and control you. Always white, cold and full of dark intentions.

Voodoo priests

Occult rituals, animal sacrifices and shrunken heads are your daily business. You consider human blood cocktails a staple food. Your favourite pastime is worshipping the living dead and practicing black magic. And Halloween is the only day in the year you don’t get dirty looks when you’re out and about.

The butchering double act

A true classic among Halloween costumes: his and her’s butcher outfits. All you need is a white apron covered in blood stains and bits of skin. Add a sharp object, such as a knife or axe, combine it with a psychotic expression and you’re all set!

Faces that will haunt you in your dreams

Covering your face and staying anonymous is a key component for Halloween fancy dress. A unicorn is probably not your best option. After all, your outfit should be hair-raising. Sinister and scary is the name of the game. Your best option is faces that will haunt others in their dreams.

The horror hall of fame

Allow me to introduce the most bloodcurdling of all creepy costumes in our range. There’s not much to be said, really. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Ramon Schneider
Ramon Schneider
Junior Editor, Zurich
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