Bringing tidiness to the kids’ room!
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Bringing tidiness to the kids’ room!

Sina Harms
Zurich, on 25.07.2016
Kids love to play and that’s a good thing. But if you’ve just stepped on a Lego barefoot – well, you’re probably effing and blinding – and wishing you weren’t the only person who ever tidies up.

Unfortunately, tidying does not come naturally to the majority of children but they’re best taught young and will thank you for it later (you’ll probably have to wait until they have their own place). And with these home organisers tidying might even be fun. It’s worth a try.

There's plenty of room for all kinds of toys in these boxes and baskets ##

Zoo Hamper Owl (33.70cm, 33.70cm, 40cm)
Toy storage
Skiphop Zoo Hamper Owl (33.70cm, 33.70cm, 40cm)

Clothes scattered everywhere? Not with these little helpers: ##

Is your kid one of the rare specimens that enjoys tidying? Please, please share your tips and tricks with us!

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Sina Harms
Sina Harms
Brand Management Galaxus, Zurich
Seaside child. Close to nature. Dog lover.

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