Box yourself into shape
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Box yourself into shape

Theresa Schieder
Zurich, on 25.08.2016
Fitboxing is all the rage! But contrary to what you might be thinking, it’s not about full contact, winning and losing or let alone about violence. Instead, it’s all about fun, endurance, strength, reaction times, flexibility, speed, control of the body and self-confidence. We’ve put together a brief introduction and have an extensive range to choose from when it comes to equipment for this effective total body workout.

Fitboxing: Boxing minus the blows

The fitboxing trend has spilled over from the US and has taken Europe by storm. But unlike “regular” boxing, fitboxing does not include any physical contact with a partner. Instead, it’s all about a holistic workout that includes boxing elements such as focus mitt training, shadow boxing and kicks as well as sandbag and speedball training. Apart from these elements, stamina and strength are improved through targeted exercises (ab workouts, push-ups, bench presses, skipping rope units) and complemented with running and aerobics.

To properly learn the boxing techniques (stance, cover-up, punches with the lead and rear hand, etc.) and to better understand the overall concept of this sport, it is recommended – for beginners in particular – to join a designated fitboxing course. All simple kicking and punching exercises, e.g. with a sandbag, a speedball or focus mitts, can easily be done at home, as can additional exercises such as rope skipping and weight lifting.

Basic equipment

Fundamental equipment for fitboxing includes a punch bag or speedball and of course boxing gloves and focus mitts if you're training in pairs.

Sparring Pro (80cm, 18kg)
Hammer Fitness Sparring Pro (80cm, 18kg)

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Additional boxing equipment: What else do you need?

To protect your hands, thumbs and knuckles, it’s best to use handwraps. Foot protectors can be used to support your feet as they may have to perform some heavy work. You could also consider getting a gumshield to protect your teeth from potential impact. Fitboxers might also want to purchase their own skipping rope: skipping exercises are perfect for warm-up and generally great for building strength, endurance and coordination. A cool sports bag will provide plenty of space for your gear.

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Your outfit

Fitness clothing and regular indoor or fitness trainers are ideal for your box training.

For her

For him

By the way, the First Lady is also a massive fitboxing fan…

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