Black Friday: Will the servers survive? We’ll find out at 10 p.m.
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Black Friday: Will the servers survive? We’ll find out at 10 p.m.

Dominik Bärlocher
Zurich, on 22.11.2018
Our engineers are getting ready. Black Friday is nigh. Our in-house editors will be reporting live from the War Room throughout the night.

It’s by far the most exhausting day of the year for our digitec servers and the engineers who maintain and update them day in, day out. We’re talking about Black Friday. No other day draws as many users to our page, triggers as many orders or generates as much traffic. To put it in a nutshell: You and the whole Community will be hammering away at our servers for 24 hours.

To soften the blows, a team from all corners of engineering has been put together. From 10 p.m. tonight, they will be holding the fort at Pfingstweidstrasse and are prepared to face anything that’s thrown at them. This standby troop, jokingly referred to as «War Room», is led by team BlackJack. Their main task is to ensure site reliability. «We’ll be making sure that the page is up for as long as possible and working as reliably as possible,» summarises team leader René Zweifel.

The digitec editorial team will be reporting live from the front whenever possible. If the engineers are going all in, so will the editors. At my side, translatrice extraordinaire, Anne Chapuis. She will be translating our report into French as simultaneously as possible. We’re all hoping the servers will withstand. If not, we’ve done a whole night shift for nothing.

The reply to our first question for Team BlackJack is of a dark-humoured sort: «Last year, the servers were down within 17 seconds. With all those performance updates we’ve had, we’re pretty sure we can bring that down to one second.»

Will the servers survive?

The servers at digitec are pushed to their limit this Black Friday. Do you think they'll withstand?

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