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Bike helmets – practice what you preach

I insist that my daughter wears a bike helmet. But when it comes to my own head, I’m a bit of a hypocrite. Why is that?

I feel bad. When my daughter was three, she had to hand over her dummy for good. Drama ensued. I got a bit carried away during the persuasion process and boldly claimed: «If you stop sucking on that soother, Daddy will stop dragging on his cigarettes.» She gave up her habit. I didn’t.

I let my daughter down. Something she occasionally brings up – especially when she wants to play and I step out onto the balcony. «But you promised to stop smoking!» True. You’re right. I’m a lousy person. Some day I’ll make it.

Beside the smokes, there’s one other point of contention. The bike helmet. As parents, we are resolute about our daughter wearing a helmet. Our law applies whenever she’s using her bike, scooter or roller skates. So what’s the catch? It only applies to our little girl. Mum and dad make the rules up as they go along.

My daughter has to wear a helmet because it protects her precious little head. I would never forgive myself if our little monster had an accident that would have been less severe had she worn a helmet. It would be the end of the world if anything should happen to her.

The funny thing is, my wife and I both own bike helmets. We just never wear them. They’re not very comfortable, they make you sweat in the summer and personally, I miss the wind in my hair when I’m wearing one. But if I think about it, the reasoning I use for my daughter works both ways: It would be just as devastating for her if I had an accident that would have been less severe if I had worn a helmet.

So from now on, I’m wearing a helmet. Cigarettes, you’re next!

Are you familiar with this kind of scenario? Any advice on how to give up cigarettes? I look forward to your comments.


Aurel Stevens, Zurich

  • Chief Editor
I'm the master tamer at the flea circus that is the editorial team, a nine-to-five writer and 24/7 dad. Technology, computers and hi-fi make me tick. On top of that, I’m a rain-or-shine cyclist and generally in a good mood.


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User akulhanek

Wer keinen Helm trägt, hat offensichtlich nichts schützenswertes oberhalb des Atlas...

User Alessandro Bottinelli

Ich hab erst "gerade" mit dem Rauchen "aufgehört". Als ich mir 2 Zähne ziehen liess im Februar nahm ich das gleich als Anlass, um mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören, weil man dann ja während des Heilungsprozesses nicht rauchen sollte. Stand nach 2 Monaten "rauchfrei": Ich rauche nur noch wenn ich Alkohol getrunken habe oder gerade einen sehr stressigen Tag hatte, gibt’s ne Feierabendzigarette. Du könntest Dir das Versprechen an Deine Tochter jedes mal vorhalten, wenn Du eine Zigi anzünden willst, vielleicht hilfts ;)

User Promoe

E Zigi als Afang?

User reimundo1992

Ja, diese Velo-Helme.
Ich find es unverständlich das noch keine Trage-Pflicht herscht!

User spacemoose

I never ride without a helmet, and I require my son to wear one as well. But I am strongly against helmet laws. Analysis of existing data shows that helmet laws don't strongly decrease negative outcomes, they do strongly decrease adoption of bicycles for commuting. So it is better for you personally to wear a helmet, but it is better socially not to enforce it by law. Riding without a helmet is better than not riding. Lead by example, not coercion.

User reimundo1992

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, there is something in it. But perhaps more courses should be offered, "driving properly on streets" or "they a role model for their child".