Becoming «Rocket League» pros – part 1

Philipp Rüegg
Zurich, on 28.04.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
To win our digitec Playground event, you have to be on the ball. Simon, Luca and I want to find out whether we have what it takes to become top scorers. So we've come up with a Rocky-style training programme. After all, we want to compete against pros soon.

On 5 June, the fourth edition of our digitec Playground event will take place. We’re playing the vehicular soccer evergreen «Rocket League». Simon, Luca and I aren't participating, but we still want to feel like we're part of the tournament. That's why we've come up with something special:

in a three-part series, we're going to attempt to become «Rocket League» pros. Well, at least pros enough to compete against a semi-professional team and score at least one goal. We don't want to bring shame to digitec, so we're going to train hard. We're starting off with a casual warm-up in the shape of a Let's Play. Fancy challenging us? We're happy to take on random opponents or teams from the digitec Community. We'll be streaming on Wednesday 28 April from 11 a.m. Get in touch here or via Discord @laz0rbrain.

The next part of series will see Swiss «Rocket League» experts Nukes and Zaphare coach us. Assuming they don't quit once they see our Let's Play performance...

In the final test in two weeks, we'll be taking on the guys from Edelweiss Esports.

We’re going to stream all episodes on Twitch and YouTube.

Part 1 kicks off on 28 April at 11 a.m. Part 2 will follow on 5 May at 8 p.m. – featuring our two coaches. Part 3, our game against the Edelweiss Esports team, takes place on 12 May at 8 p.m.

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Philipp Rüegg
Philipp Rüegg
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