Beauty news for her: Get perfectly styled hair!
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Beauty news for her: Get perfectly styled hair!

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 05.10.2016

The majority of these brand-new products focus on hair. Discover the must-haves that will turn your miserable mop into a shiny mane...

The world’s first straightening brush: Innovation of the year!

The electric ceramic hairbrush stands for reliable, gentle and unbelievably fast hair straightening. This newfangled invention is really impressive: Reduce your styling time to the max – three minutes is all the “Dafni” takes! This innovation hit the market in spring this year and is now available here. We’re very excited to have this highlight and absolute styling must-have in our range. And there’s more good news: “Dafni To Go” is out soon! It’s a mini version of this amazing product and it's ideal for on-the-go use. We can’t wait!

By the way: The world-famous hairstyling manufacturer Babyliss has announced the upcoming release of a ceramic electric straightening brush. We got the chance to test it at the fair and we were impressed!

Alexandra tested the Babyliss ceramic hairbrush and brushed / straightened the left side of her hair. Her conclusion: «Awesome»

Hair straighteners that reduce split ends – finally!

This brand-new Philips styling iron promises to reduce split ends by up to 95%; making it the first iron that was developed to protect those sensitive tips. For perfectly styled hair that’s healthy at the same time – what more could you ask for? The styling plates subject your hair to minimum friction and the “UniTemp” sensor prevents things from getting too hot – an essential feature when it comes to reducing split ends. Keratin-enriched ceramic and a built-in ionization feature provide even more care and shine.

Create natural looks: Conical curl wand

The tapered barrel of this ghd curl wand goes from 23–28mm – for curls at the roots and waves at the tips. Easily create those ultra-natural looks we love. This curler delivers an even temperature of 185°C, the protective “cool tip” provides you with a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl and features an automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes. If you’re into your premium natural curls, then this ghd device is for you!

Curve Creative Curl Wall (28 mm, 27 mm, 26 mm, 25 mm, 24 mm)
ghd Curve Creative Curl Wall (28 mm, 27 mm, 26 mm, 25 mm, 24 mm)

Speaking of ghd: Naturally, ghd will also be cretaing a special Christmas edition this year... We're banking on something extraordinarily beautiful with the outstanding ghd quality we've come to expect – and we can't wait for it! What about you?

Travel-friendly style gurus: Minis for every look

The brand-new Babyliss styling irons are ingeniously small and fit into every handbag. These little stylers are available in cheerful colours and create all kinds of styles: straight, curly, crimped – whatever you feel like.

The pro of perfection – Say goodbye to static hair!

Remington’s new hair dryer is not just pretty; the appliance is also very good at what it does. It produces more ions for less frizz, is equipped with powerful 2400w and a long-life-AC motor that produces a cool air flow to fix your hairstyle in salon quality. Sound good? Soon, the full Remington “ProLuxe” series will be available right here: Powerful pros in a luxurious design.

AC9140 PROluxes (AC9140)
Remington AC9140 PROluxes (AC9140)

Premium preening for your face

As days get colder and air gets drier in heated rooms, it’s all the more important to provide your skin with enough moisture. This innovation by Panasonic is like a miniature spa for home use: The ionic steamer cleanses your face with steam for irresistibly smooth skin. Nano-sized steam particles penetrate the skin and moisturize into the deepest layers. For skin that feels unbelievably clean, relaxed and healthy in just six minutes – just like after a professional treatment. For younger-looking, more refreshed skin and easier make-up application and removal. In our opinion, this is an absolute must-have!

We've also got exciting news for the guys:

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